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    23 Teacher Instagram Hacks That Are Really Somewhat Game-Changing

    The whole teachers lounge will be like, "Damn, that's genius."

    1. A wireless doorbell will save your voice.

    2. These pillow shams from Walmart literally slip over chairs and act as personal storage for each student — no sewing required.

    3. Give kids wristbands with their bus numbers written on them to ensure they get home safely.

    4. An under-the-shelf tissue dispenser keeps germy hands off the tissue boxes.

    5. Attach water bottles to desks using bicycle cup holders and zip ties.

    6. Jumbo dice-in-dice will make learning things like exponents and multiplication way more enjoyable.

    7. A pipe cleaner with a bead can be a helpful learning tool for any activity that requires multiple steps, like long division.

    8. Cheaper glue with less mess? Buy empty daubers from Amazon and fill with bulk liquid glue.

    9. Make reading guides out of laminate strips and highlighter tape to help students who are easily distracted.

    Drink stirrers also make great reading trackers.

    10. Keep your stickers neat and organized with a binder ring.

    11. Create a color-coded keyboard that can help students learn how to type.

    12. Store glitter in salt shakers for easier, cleaner use and storage.

    13. Use nail polish to label any items that go together, like computer mice and Chromebooks.

    14. Tea tree oil shampoo will help prevent lice.

    15. Turn crates on their side for storage if you have limited tabletop space.

    16. Cut-up squares of felt make the cheapest dry erasers.

    17. Wedge a roll of toilet paper into a candle holder and take out the cardboard so you don't have to buy your own tissue box.

    18. Clothespins are an easy way to index and organize files.

    19. And speaking of clothespins, check out this genius homework management system.

    20. Label a shoe organizer to store headphones, water bottles, or school supplies.

    21. Ping-pong balls and muffin tins make for a fun impromptu word game.

    22. Struggling with lost pencils? Make your students responsible for their own pencils using toothbrush cases.

    23. Set an alarm to go home when you're actually supposed to.