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37 Ridiculously Awesome Things To Do In Your Backyard This Summer

Summer is ready when you are.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

1. Build a fairy garden.

It's a little bit of pure magic in your yard. Make one easily out of a birdbath or a tree stump.

2. Bury that trampoline.

It's actually safer than an above-ground trampoline, and much more aesthetically pleasing too.

3. Combine that in-ground trampoline with a SPLASH PAD.

Epic times ahead. Head on over to Splash Zone for more info.

4. Play a game of kick croquet using hula hoops.

Or buy the set here.

5. Make an inflatable pool fountain. / Via

Get the full directions here.

6. Create a giant bubble with plastic sheeting and a fan. / Via

Just be sure to supervise during this activity.

7. A tarp and sprinkler will create a fun splash pad for a slide.

The sprinkler keeps the tarp wet for a full day of fun splashing.

8. Make a race car track.

9. Make an epic pillow quilt for backyard slumber parties/movie night.

10. Build a swimming pool out of bales of hay.

That's right. I said BALES OF HAY.

11. Host a picnic with vintage rugs.

All your photo ops will look straight out of a Free People catalog.

12. Make a "wee village" garden.

Your child will have so much fun playing with this miniature village, and it's a great way to get them outside.

13. Make a butterfly feeder.

They luuuurrrve overripe fruit!

14. Cover rusted swingset chains with pool noodles.

They also add a little pop of color to an otherwise drab backyard.

15. Play a refreshing game of water balloon piñatas.

16. Sunflower forts > blanket forts.

Flickr: hartlandlibraryvt

At least in the summer.

17. Make a convertible sandpit/seating area out of pallets.

The full tutorial is here.

18. Use your slackline for zip-lining instead.

19. Build a rope bridge.

Get more information here.

20. Or a rope course.

21. Make giant bubbles that bounce.

22. This reading nook will give you so many enjoyable future summers.

23. If you've got the landscaping skills, build a secret passageway.

24. Create a garden teepee.

25. Or a willow den.

26. Create your own mini golf course.

27. For your summer BBQ: Make a game of beer pong battleship created out of styrofoam.

Take a shot when a ship is sunk.

28. Write an inspirational quote on a brick wall with moss graffiti.

Get the recipe here.

29. Make a giant rug loom out of an old wooden frame.

30. Angry Birds IRL is actually much funner than the phone version.

31. Don't have a pool? Make a water blob!

Get the directions here.

32. Get the whole family in on a game of Twister.

Spray paint isn't awesome for your lawn, but all the fun you have will make it 100% worth it.

33. Spring for a giant inflatable movie screen.

It's 12 feet wide, people.

34. Use cardboard boxes for a drive-in movie night.

You'll be hosting the ultimate sleepovers.

35. Turn your shed into a livable space.

36. Create a puppet theater out of vines and tree stumps.

Nature play at its best.

37. Hide your pool.

Possibly more ridiculous than awesome, but one can dare to dream.

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