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    Posted on Dec 2, 2009

    Puffy on HSN

    Let's just assume that you don't watch HSN on a regular basis: here are some unintentionally hilarious highlights of P Diddy hawking his "Unforgiveable" perfume and fleece robes.

    • "I Am King" Perfume Set

      He's not just selling perfume. He's holding Nietzschian philosophical discourse about The Ego and Its Own, on HSN no less.

    • Ultra Fleece Robe

      It's funny how sizes 2X and 3X only really exist on HSN and QVC.

    • Unforgiveable Gift Set (Comes with Watch!)

      Fucking profound.

    • Unforgiveable Ladies Set (with Bubble Bath)

      Nothing says luxury (or accidental poisoning) like bubble bath that comes in a champagne bottle.

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