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31 Products Every Parent Of A Growing Child Will Want

Whether they're teething or in grade school, an ingenious invention will make your life so much easier.

1. The stay-put bowl and cutlery set features suction cups that keeps their food on the table.

2. This grab-n-go stroller organizer slips right onto your stroller's handlebars.

3. This easy DIY mesh sling is great for bringing toddlers into the pool.

4. A "SlumberSling" solves the problem of heavy heads and sore necks during nap time.

5. The Black Booster Seat Headrest provides road trip comfort for older children.

6. This simple stroller hook provides the extra hand that parents need.

So simple, so necessary. Get it here for $7.99.

7. The Piddlepad waterproof seat will save your car/carseat during the potty training stage.

8. The "My Buddy" tag is a bracelet that alerts you when a child goes out of your proximity.

9. For a more high tech solution, place a BiKN tag in your child's pocket in big crowds in case they get lost.

10. Fidget Rings help to increase focus in children who can't sit still or are diagnosed with ADHD.

11. The Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board attaches to your stroller, giving your older child an easy ride when they get tired.

12. Inchworm shoes grow with your child's feet.

13. The Sip Snap turns any cup into a sippy cup.

14. The Toydozer clean-up set makes it easy and fun for kids to clean up their toys.

15. The Dapper Snapper Toddler Belt is a great way to get the most mileage out of your child's clothing.

16. Protect the iPad from sticky fingers with this carseat iPad holder.

17. The On-The-Go Fun and Snack tray is another road trip necessity.

18. A Tangle Teezer is a must-have for parents of young girls with long hair.

19. This portable potty is not only great for long car rides, but it doubles as a training seat.

20. Layered sleeping pads will go from couch to sleepover beds in an instant.

21. Pinhole Press will create a book of important people matched to their names.

22. The Stroll-n-Cool will keep your child comfortable on long, hot days.

23. Spill-proof paint pots will save your rugs and floors.

24. This chair luggage attachment will make an airport jaunt way easier.

25. A jumbo sidewalk spirograph will keep budding artists busy all summer.

26. Kid-sized yoga mats let them follow along with your morning routine.

27. This baby tooth album is a nice way to display and save baby teeth.

28. Waterproof bedding will hold up to 67 ounces of liquid so you don't have to worry about ruining the mattress.

29. This special dish cools your food instantly so little mouths don't get burnt.

30. This shampoo rinser has a soft, rubbery panel that forms a watertight seal against the hairline so that water and soap doesn't run into your child's eyes.

31. And finally, the pee shield for the potty training parent.

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