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31 Products Every Parent Of A Growing Child Will Want

Whether they're teething or in grade school, an ingenious invention will make your life so much easier.

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1. The stay-put bowl and cutlery set features suction cups that keeps their food on the table.

Does your child play that sadistic game where they throw their spoon on the ground and you pick it up and they do it again and laugh in your face? This kiddo cutlery set puts an end to it FOREVER.


9. For a more high tech solution, place a BiKN tag in your child's pocket in big crowds in case they get lost.

You can also use the tags to keep track of things you frequently lose, whether it's house keys or your car in a giant parking lot. Snap your iPhone into the BiKN case and you have an easy way to keep track of your tags. Get them here.


16. Protect the iPad from sticky fingers with this carseat iPad holder.|1393036505770&tid=hellosociety_1150_type367_HardPin_Pinterest_73258-6518101&source=Pinterest&medium=HardPin&u=type367&m=HardPin&cid=1150&

It also means kids can fall asleep watching the movie of their choice, meaning a peaceful ride on cruise control FOR YOU. Get it here.