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20 Popular Pinterest Tips That Are Bold-Faced Lies

Hate to be the pin buster here, but SOMEBODY'S GOTTA DO IT.

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1. Tip: use a can opener to open a frustrating clamshell package.

Has anyone ever gotten this to work? Because it DID NOT work for me. It just made a frustrating clamshell package that much more frustrating.


5. Tip: microwave mac 'n' cheese in a mug makes a quick and tasty dinner.

OK, I tried this and it was turned into a disgusting amalgamation of liquid cheese and soggy noodles. The noodles don't meld with the cheese, leaving them limp and flavorless.

6. Tip: spray your nails with cooking spray and they'll dry instantly.

According to The Cheese Thief, "I actually don't think the Pam is drying your nails, it seems like it's just putting a oily coating on the nail polish so if you accidentally brush up against the polish it won't stick to anything (like lint)." And don't even try it with glitter nail polish. This other blogger insists it does work, so try at your own risk.


8. Tip: use a rubber band to extract a stripped screw.

The commenters of Reddit disagree: "Man.. this does NOT work. I've tried so many times" and "I've seen this tip before and I couldn't get it to work. All it did was tear the rubber band. That's just my personal experience though." More angry commenters here.

Try it, but don't get annoyed when this life hack doesn't come through for you.

9. Tip: put glowsticks in a balloon and let them float in your pool.

You'll get a glowing effect, but they won't be opaque and perfect like the ones shown in this photo. They'll look like glowsticks in balloons.


12. Tip: mix cocoa powder with lotion to create self-tanner.

According to Jillee, one coat did nothing. The second coat makes your skin look bizarrely splotchy. Not only that, but the color will rub right off, leaving you looking more diseased than bronzed and glowing.


19. Tip: paint planters with glow-in-the-dark paint.

While the planters will probably glow, they won't look like the ones shown in the photo. Rust-Oleum's response: "This is an extremely creative idea. However, these pots were not painted with Rust-Oleum Specialty Glow In The Dark, but are actual lights that can be placed in outdoor planters to achieve a glow effect. The lights seen in the image above can be found on"

20. Tip: cut off a piece of Magic Eraser and let it float in the toilet. The toilet bowl ring will magically disappear!

According to this blogger, "I did it last night, and FAIL. It didn't work. After searching a few other pins, some of them are honest and say, 'You will have to scrub a bit.'"

So put on the rubber gloves, because there really are no shortcuts in life.