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Other R&B Singers We Want to See Naked

As much as I love Cassie and Rihanna and their nipple rings, I can't help but feel like there are some other R&B stars that I wish I could see naked instead. Here's a list.

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  • 1. Beyonce

    Probably everyone's #1 pick.

  • 2. Tyrese

    Probably if I looked hard enough, I could find a photo of him naked. Will look l8r.

  • 3. Lauryn Hill

    This one's for you, Jonah!

  • 4. Whitney Houston circa 1987

    Like, the year that "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" came out.

  • 5. Lisa Left-Eye Lopes

    She was definitely the hottest TLC member. RIP! Too soon???

  • 6. The Girl from C&C Music Factory Who Didn't Actually Sing

  • 7. Julia Allison???

    She's kind of the Fergie of the internet universe. I definitely don't want to see Fergie naked!

  • 8. Brandy

    It's your lucky day! This photo is also available as a desktop wallpaper.

  • 9. Macy Gray

    This is Jack's pick, but only because one of his biggest regrets in life is missing that drunk nude performance she gave for charity.