19 Fire Nail Art Designs For Anyone With Short Nails

    Short and sweet.

    1. A simple rainbow design that effectively uses negative space.

    2. Another gorgeous use of negative space.

    3. A matte green and yellow speckle.

    4. These gold streaks.

    5. A very delicate fruit motif.

    6. And a barely-there floral one.

    7. Seriously, this is the cutest manicure ever.

    8. No, wait, this is.

    9. Any kind of matte gradient.

    10. A dazzling crystal manicure.

    11. A pastel rainbow.

    12. A minimalist highlight.

    13. This pretty array of textures.

    14. A watercolor work of art.

    15. Some fine lines.

    16. These guilded nails.

    17. Some starry sparkle.

    18. This sporadic funfetti.

    19. And finally, a way to say something you believe in.