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16 Shortcuts to Make Your Morning Easier

Shave precious minutes off your morning routine with these handy tips. You might even be on time for once.

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This list was featured on The Today Show! Watch the segment and see some of the tips in action.

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5. Discover the convenient deliciousness of cold brew iced coffee.

Make a big batch of cold brew iced coffee ahead of time and keep it in the fridge. It basically makes a strong coffee concentrate that you simply mix with water, milk and ice to create an exceptionally awesome glass of iced coffee.


10. Alternatively, use the Morning Routine app, an alarm that makes you scan bar codes before it turns off.

Set it to turn off only when you've scanned the Listerine bottle in the bathroom to get you on your feet.


14. Warm up your eyeliner before applying it.

It's the key to a smooth application. So while you're doing other stuff, like brushing your teeth or putting your contacts in, stick your eye makeup in the waistband of your pants. Your body heat will warm it up.