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30 Life-Changing Things That Are Worth Every Penny

Sometimes it's OK to splurge.

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1. A really, really good mattress.

Sure, spending $2,000 on a top-of-the-line Tempur-Pedic mattress is certainly grimace-worthy, but a good night's rest is close to priceless. You spend a good third of your life on this thing.

A Hästens will run you anywhere from $4K–$12K, but they're SWEDISH and built for life.

If you can't afford any of these things, just splurge on the fancy pillow.

5. A solid state hard drive (SSD) for your computer.

You get less storage for your buck, but the performance is NOTICEABLY faster, much more so than paying for a processor or RAM upgrade. Since there are no moving parts, the information is accessed twice as fast as a regular hard drive. It's the most cost-effective computer upgrade you can make, and you will shave hours off the time you waste on your computer.

8. A nice set of tires.

They're basically shoes for your car. A good set of wheels will make driving feel so much nicer, and they'll last longer too.

And if you live in a snowy winter climate, invest in the winter tires. You'll feel the traction for more peace of mind.

10. A Vitamix.

Most cheap blenders have motors that will burn out, but not the Vitamix. The crème de la crème of blenders, this is an absolute must if you're making a life change to live healthier. It blends green smoothies beautifully, as well as vegetables to make soup. It'll grind peanuts for fresh peanut butter in no time. You can also make juice with a $10 mesh bag.

11. The expensive brand of paint.

Your paint job will last longer and look more professional, which is important, because you're going to be spending a lot of time living within these walls.

And while you're at it, use the REAL sheepskin rollers, not the cheap linty ones.

12. A 1080p projector.

Instead of spending $5,000 on an 80" flats-creen, you could spend $900 and get 120" worth of screen space. A $900 projector will get you an image that's bright and crisp. It's a must if you love entertaining guests or want to have the ultimate experience in gaming.

14. A Dyson vacuum cleaner.{device}-_-_mkwid_879957007

This powerful vacuum never loses its suction power and makes cleaning a breeze. It's actually disturbing how well it works. Best of all, these vacuums last a long time and users seem fairly happy with their customer service.

15. A damn good knife.

It'll last forever, so may as well invest once and experience incredibly smooth, clean cuts for the duration of your lifetime. These Japanese virgin carbon steel knives start at $150.

16. Expensive socks.

SmartWool socks are around $10 a pair and there's a good 50% chance you'll lose one of them, but they make a huge difference in the winter. Your feet don't get sweaty, and they LAST.

17. Das mechanical keyboard (if you spend a lot of time on the computer).

It's more ergonomic, your sloppy typing will improve tenfold, and it gives you an incredibly satisfying "clickety-clack" as you type (a feeling that a lot of Mac users miss).

18. The Big Green Egg.

It's an outdoor grill that serves a dozen uses and people claim that it makes the best food you've ever tasted. A Redditor says, "Would sell my first child before this beauty." If that isn't enough of a testimonial for you, read this New York Times article about "The Cult of the Big Green Egg." Make someone buy you one for your birthday.

20. A high-quality pair of polarized sunglasses.

They make nice, simple ones now that don't look like they came straight off of Max Headroom's head. They cut down on glare and haze, which is a must for afternoon driving. You'll see things that you were never able to see before because they enhance clarity.

23. A well-made, tailored suit.

Because a suit specially made for you will make you feel AWESOME when you wear it — which is pretty key when you're going for that job interview or making that best-man toast.

24. A Yeti cooler.

Yes, only a crazy person would throw down $220 for a cooler. But if you love to go camping or go on road trips, this cooler is an absolute game changer. Ice will last THREE DAYS or longer without melting.

26. The Nest learning thermostat.

At $250, this neat little gadget learns your behaviors and patterns to adjust your cooling and heating relatively, conserving enough energy to pay for itself in less than a year.

28. An Ergo Baby Carrier|pdp|13938270|ClickEV|item_page.new_vertical_1&lnk=Rec|pdp|ClickEV|item_page.new_vertical_1

Your baby will spend a LOT of his first six months in this thing playing, eating, and sleeping. You get to keep your hands free, and your back won't ache the way it might with cheaper carriers. It costs around $150, but parents swear they don't know how they survived without one.

Cool. Now that you have no money left, time to add anything I may have missed in the comments.

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