Kids’ Furniture That Really Should Come In Adult Sizes

Whoever said “the best things come in small packages” was probably talking about children’s furniture design.

1. The Storybook Bed


2. Monster Dressers

NOM. By Oscar Nunez.

3. Enveloping Bookshelf

This curving bookshelf by Alicia Bastian envelopes the reader to create a little nook.

4. Swinging Cabinet

This is actually a vintage piece from the 1950’s designed by Henry Glass.

6. Colorful Bedroom Storage

By Italian furniture label Dear Kids.

7. Rainbow Storage Dresser

This is actually a Swedish IKEA hack.

9. Beach Ball Lampshade

Get it here.

10. The Crescent Moon Bed

13. Reconfigurable Stool

By designer Laura Väinölä.

18. The Tongue Chair

By Wary Meyers.

19. Chalkboard Desk and Chair Set

21. Cat Shelf

By Spanish design company Menut.

22. Drum Stool

This is actually a DIY in Dutch you can see here.

23. The Cutest Room Divider Ever

By Swedish company Little Red Studa.

24. Animal Dining Table

Get it from Paloma’s Nest.

25. Critter Storage Units

Get it here if you’re fortunate enough to live in Japan.

26. Child’s Animal Sofa

Get them here.

27. A Bed Boat

28. Pencil-Holding Animal Desks

29. Mountainscape Child’s Couch

By Hiromatsu Furniture.

30. The Stacking Throne

It’s a chair that goes from baby high chair to adult chair. The pieces stack to become a shelf in the meantime. By Studio Laurens van Wieringen.

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