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43 Insanely Cool Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

Can you get through this post without calling your contractor?

1. Don't just install any outdoor bathtub. Install THIS outdoor bathtub.

2. Level up a window seat by adding a trundle bed.

3. Lower your living room to create a conversation pit.

4. A platform in a storage/guestroom hides away all of your stuff while keeping the room usable.

5. Turn an attic nook into a pillow room.

What is life but one long, perpetual movie-night slumber party?

6. Display your book collection under the stairs.

7. Or use the space underneath for storage.

8. Or use that space for a book nook.

So much cozy.

9. Dogs are people, too, which is why your dog should probably get his or her own little haven underneath the stairs.

10. And their own bathroom in the garage.

11. Make space for two dishwashers instead of one.

You can load one while the other washes. KitchenAid also makes a double drawer dishwasher.

12. Hide the entrance to a secret fallout shelter, wine cellar, or basement in your kitchen island.

13. If you're doing a HUGE remodel, ask your contractor about tacking on a treehouse or guesthouse.

14. Turn your shabby garden shed into a charming artist's shed.

With big windows for lots of light and visual inspiration.

15. Install an in-wall pest control system.

Pest-tube installation means that all the exterminator has to do is inject some stuff into one end to keep insects and rodents away.

16. Maximize your space with baseboard drawers.

17. Consider a hidden room.

18. Make your walls MAGNETIC.

19. An S-shaped seat turns your shower or steam room into one you can LIE DOWN IN.

20. A multi-directional steam shower would do your body good.

21. Have an extra-tall ceiling? Stretch a ceiling hammock across it.

22. A walk-in shower means NO GLASS TO CLEAN.

And they even fit into small bathroom spaces.

23. Install chutes in your kitchen for your trash and recycling.

24. Build a bar into your deck.

25. Turn dead space above a staircase into a playroom.

26. Build a second mini-fridge in your kitchen island for BEER.

27. How cool is this slide-out knife block??

28. Instead of typical cabinets, build a pull-out cabinet for instant counter space.

29. Put a sink with jets in your laundry room so you have a convenient place to wash your delicates.

30. Utilize dead space with a built-in wine rack.

Or build the wine rack directly into the kitchen island.

31. Add recessed hallway or basement lights are a much more polished alternative to night lights.


33. Kids will love having slumber parties in their bunkroom.

34. No guest room? No problem.

35. Bring the outdoors IN with these accordion glass windows and doors.

36. Swap out your boring old ceiling for a star-gazing sunroof.

37. Install a two-sided fireplace between the bathroom and the bedroom.

38. Add curtains to your deck or patio for a little privacy.

39. Add an outlet to your mantel — perfect for Christmas lights.

40. Get (just) your feet wet with a lounging platform for your pool.

41. Frame your living room fireplace with built-in seating.

42. Cut out "overlooks" for your second story.

43. It's never too soon to finally add that master bedroom balcony.

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