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    31 Ingenious Ways To Make Doing Laundry Easier

    Is your laundry room a sad, dark place? Turn your laundry room into a sanctuary of cleanliness and organization with these tips.

    1. Install labeled baskets for family members to pick up their laundry.

    Make them come get their own damn laundry!

    2. Hang hampers for easy pre-laundry sorting.

    This photo comes from an user: "We bought 3"x1" pine wood 6' long. Then added trim around each side. The bags are hung so they don't touch the floor thus we can mop and sweep under them. This as completely freed up floor space and organized our laundry room!"

    3. Flip a wire shelf over and install at an angle as a place to keep your storage bins.

    It provides easier access. Good-bye step stool!

    4. Install a fold-out ironing board.

    Get it from Amazon.

    5. Or pull-out drying racks.

    6. Or a pull-out folding table.

    7. They're made even more genius and space-saving when they're above the washer and dryer.

    8. Add a backsplash for easier cleaning.

    No laundry room realistically looks this clean and minimalist, but one can dream.

    9. Post a list of laundry secrets.

    Can't remember how to get armpit stains out? Think everyone in the family should know about how a pinch of salt makes colors more vibrant? Hang up a framed laundry cheat sheet.

    10. Keep a dry-erase marker to note clothes inside the washer that shouldn't be dried.

    11. Chalkboard cabinets can also serve the same purpose.

    12. Build your own fold-down drying rack.

    A brilliant space-saving tactic. Get the instructions here.

    13. Cover up an ugly spot on the wall with a "Lost Socks" board.

    They need a home!

    14. Give everyone in your family a washable mesh bag for their socks.

    No more mismatched socks!

    15. Hang a ladder from the ceiling for a rustic-inspired drying rack.

    16. Use pre-divided hampers and baskets.

    This way, the laundry comes pre-sorted as long as people follow the rules.

    17. Make a padded ironing area for the countertop.

    Completely eliminates the need for an actual ironing board. Get the full directions here.

    18. Mount an iPad holder to keep you company while folding laundry.

    It's a soothing, albeit boring task.

    19. Utilize the narrow space between the washer and dryer with a rolling storage cart.

    20. Use curtains to cover up the washer and dryer.

    Curtains are also a great way to cover up a cat litter box, if you happen to keep that in the laundry room.

    21. Keep a jar for pocket finds.

    22. Put in a chandelier.

    Because WHY NOT.

    See? Really transforms a space. This room would be a total dump without that chandelier.

    23. Stack the washer and dryer on drawers.

    24. Hang a rack over the door to keep all your cleaning and laundry supplies.

    25. Don't have space for a full hanging rod? Hang a valet rod in an odd nook or corner.

    Get this grid wall hanger here.

    26. Corral ironing, stain, and general cleaning supplies into kits.

    Use baskets or shower caddies to keep them organized.

    27. Opt for a retractable clothing line if you've got limited space.

    28. Put your laundry detergents in pretty beverage dispensers.

    This one costs $30.

    29. To properly utilize the sanitizing effects of sunlight, these window blinds double as a drying rack.

    Or just hang a rack underneath a window.

    30. Paint your washer and dryer to match your decor.

    Follow this tutorial to get the polka dot washing machine of your dreams. Or use enamel spray paint to get a professional-looking coat.

    31. It CAN be done: Build a laundry chute.

    Get the directions here.