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18 Ingenious Hair Hacks For The Gym

Now you can be functional AND fashionable.

1. The bang braid is your solution to keeping annoying mid-level bangs off your face.

2. Or master the princess-y waterfall braid.

3. Minnie Mouse buns keeps your hair from whipping around everywhere.

4. This 90-second ballerina bun will stay through even the most vigorous workout because SPIN PINS.

5. Braiding the underside of your bun/ponytail will keep loose strands from falling out during your workout.

6. Or the topside if you have more issues with side pieces/bangs falling out.

7. If you've got long hair, a knotted ponytail is an easy variation on a boring pony.

8. It even works for shorter hair.

9. Here's an easy topknot you can do while sitting at a stoplight on your way to the gym.

10. If you've got extra thick/long hair, boxer braid each side of your head and pull the remaining strands into a bun.

11. A tiered ponytail will keep everything in its rightful place.

12. Use yarn to tie your hair into a bun.

13. Then again, there's always the old sock bun standby.

14. Use an Upzing Clip to create a super easy updo after your workout.

15. This double braid is great for keeping hair secure during a swim.

16. Spray leave-in conditioner or smooth some Moroccan/coconut oil into your hair before you go swimming.

17. Use an old spice container as an emergency hair kit.

18. Don't wanna wash your hair everyday? Remove sweat and build-up with baking soda.

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