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    23 Incredibly Helpful Diagrams For Moms-To-Be

    There are just so many little things to keep track of when you're expecting. Just remember: "There's a chart for that."

    1. Use this chart to gauge how much exercise is appropriate during pregnancy.

    2. Practice your posture.


    4. The bare necessities (also, what to ask for on your baby registry).

    5. Learn how to swaddle the babe.

    6. What to eat while breast-feeding:

    7. A simple child-harness safety guide:

    8. More tips for a rear-facing car seat:

    9. Know your infant CPR.

    10. Baby reflexology guide:

    11. Sizing charts for popular baby clothing brands makes shopping infinitely easier:

    12. A simple nutrition guide:

    13. Teething chart:


    15. What your baby is communicating to you:

    16. A newborn survival guide:


    18. The formula feeding guide:

    19. What to feed your baby at different ages:

    20. Print out this weaning chart...

    21. Use this handy chart to determine how much sleep is appropriate for your child.

    22. How to sleep-train your baby:

    23. What to expect from your baby's development:

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