12 Important Things To Check When Inspecting A Potential Home

    Or live in misery FOREVER.

    1. Check the cell reception.

    2. Check the outlets to make sure that a) they're plentiful and b) they're modern.

    3. Make sure it's not in a delivery black hole.

    4. Try the work commute.

    5. Enter the address into the bedbug registry.

    6. Visit the place at night to see how the noise levels are.

    7. Take measurements.

    8. Take lots of photos.

    9. Sneak a peek at what's going on in the cabinets underneath the sink.

    If there's mold, you know you'll have major plumbing issues. If there's Raid or mouse traps, you know you could have a pest control problem.

    10. If you live in a city and own a car, check the parking signs on the street.

    11. Talk to a neighbor if you can.

    12. Check the water pressure and the hot water.