How To Throw The "Great Gatsby" Wedding Of Your Dreams

“Can’t repeat the past? … Why, of course you can!”

2. First things first: Whip up some classy invitations. Here are some cool ones.

Get these on Etsy.

5. Ask that rich friend if you can use their giant old mansion.

Or rent out the Oheka Castle on Long Island.

6. But honestly, any outdoor lawn will probably do.

7. Most importantly, you need the perfect dress with Art Deco details.

Top: $3,000 from

Bottom: $1,200 from

8. Or go bohemian-flapper.

$650 from Etsy

9. And remember: pearls, pearls pearls.

10. When it gets chilly at night, cover up with a fur stole.

11. Find the right headpiece, preferably a headband or a feather fascinator.

$225 from Etsy

14. Get the finger-waves down.

Here’s a tutorial.

16. Drop-waist dresses for the bridesmaids.

All dresses from ASOS.

17. Pretty rhinestone accents for their hair.

Top: $50 from Etsy

Bottom: $35 from Etsy

18. Make them wear feather boas and cloché hats if you want to get really authentic.

Vogue/Steven Meisel

19. The flower girl can be a flapper girl.

Get this dress here.

20. The groomsmen should sport flasks.

Photo by Tanya Shields.

21. And/or pocket watches.

Photo by The Pros wedding photography.

22. The groom should rival Robert Redford in debonaire.

23. How clever is this airplane boutonniere??

Photo by Ashley Photographer and The Itty Bitty Party Committee.

24. Hand out feathered headbands to your guests.

Photo by Weddings by Two.

25. The cake should be GOLD.

26. Or at least have some Art Deco detailing.

Photo by Hazelnut Photography.

28. Pair with black-and-white desserts.

Photo by Derek McClure.

29. Accordion-pleated tissue paper makes for an easy and inexpensive party decoration.

Photo by Judy Pak.

30. Other viable motifs include vintage suitcases and old cameras.

Photo by Ben Blood.

31. Tables could be littered with pearls and crystals.

Photo by Mark Ammon.

33. Unless, of course, you’ve managed to find sequined tablecloths.

Photo by Yasmin Khajavi Photography.

35. Incorporate peacock feathers.

37. Serve liquor out of vintage decanters.

“It’s a great advantage not to drink among hard drinking people.”

Photo by Ashley Photographer and The Itty Bitty Party Committee.

38. Signature cocktails include gin rickeys, champagne juleps, and sidecars.

Get the recipes here.

39. Let the champagne run freely.

40. It also makes a good, festive wedding favor.

41. When guests get sick of doing the Charleston, give them the option of playing drunk badminton.

A vintage badminton set is mandatory.

42. Choose an Art Deco guest book.

This is $39.95 from Etsy.

43. Or set up a typewriter so your guests can type you their well wishes.

Photo by Lisa O’Dwyer.

44. Ride away in style in a yellow Rolls-Royce.

It symbolizes the American Dream.

47. While the party continues all night long….

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