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    34 Ingenious Ways To De-Clutter Your Entire Life

    Time to get ruthless.

    1. When buying electronics, download the manual and store it in the cloud.

    2. Enlist the rule of five every time you clean.

    3. Velcro your remotes to the side of the coffee table or your TV.

    4. Hang your bags with shower curtain hooks.

    5. Utilize your under-desk space.

    6. Make the kids a stuffed animal pen with bungee cords.

    7. When cleaning the bedroom, always make the bed first.

    8. On a super-hot day, clean out your fridge and freezer.

    9. Limit your closet to 40 hangers.

    10. Or follow this flow chart.

    11. Or simplify it to this one question:

    12. Corral cords with a sock.

    13. Use compartmentalized boxes for small things you need to keep organized, like batteries.

    14. Declutter your Facebook feed.

    Tip #1: When you see pesty updates from Candy Crush or Spotify that you seriously could care less about, hover your mouse over the post and click "Hide all stories from ______"

    Tip #2: Make friend lists. Only follow your close friends. This also comes in handy later on when you want to post an event or news item that you only want your legit pals to see.

    15. Fold your bedsheets up and stuff them in a matching pillowcase.

    16. Employ the "Crap Basket" system for your family.

    17. Hang your mail holder on the side of a table or kitchen counter.

    18. Always open your mail next to the recycling bin so you can immediately purge unwanted junk mail.

    19. Hang your lesser used cords on Command hooks on the inside of your cupboards.

    20. For the garage or backyard, hang a basket so you can wrap the hose around it and keep the sprinkler inside the bucket.

    21. Run a power strip through the back of a nightstand so you can charge your gadgets out of sight.

    22. When you buy a new shirt, donate two from your closet.

    23. Put your cosmetics into palettes.

    24. Use a pegboard and zip ties underneath your desk to keep your wires neat.

    Check out the before and after here.

    25. Keep your discount cards virtually on your phone with the Key Ring app.

    Get it here. And if you don't have a smartphone, hole-punching your discount and gift cards and adding them to a single key ring can keep your purse organized.

    26. Find ways to get rid of your old books.

    27. Keep your cleaning supplies in a mobile bucket caddy.

    28. Use hooks, not towel bars.

    29. Wrap the cords around your unused appliances and secure with Velcro.

    30. Get rid of your board game and puzzle boxes and keep them in bins instead.

    31. Identify your clutter traps. Then divide and conquer.

    32. Use your iPhone or iPad as a pocket scanner with Genius Scan.

    33. Limit your dish sets to two or three more than the required place settings.

    34. Spread your minimalist lifestyle by only giving gifts that people can use.

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