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    Houses Just Going Through Their Awkward Phase

    Not a house, not yet a home.

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    You're growing up so fast.

    And you're feeling all kinds of growing pains and now your pants are too short for your body.

    You're just feeling so out of sorts, you don't want anyone to look at you.

    Your BFF is making a bunch of new friends and you feel like a total hanger-on.

    Soon, you're going to have to get braces.

    You're developing in all kinds of unexpected ways.

    Hair has started sprouting up in the oddest of places.

    Your hormones are going crazy and everything's erupting out of your body.

    Especially on your face, for the whole world to see.

    You feel completely different from your peers.

    So misunderstood.

    Seriously, so much taller than the rest of your class.

    They keep saying to "be yourself," but who is that even??

    You feel like everyone's staring at you.

    And you can't stop blushing.

    You wish you could just crawl into a hole and die.

    But don't worry, because one day you'll find your wings...

    and blossom.

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