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    21 Plant Porn Photos That Will Leave You Thirstier Than The Last Plant You Killed

    The world would be a better place if we just let the plants take over.

    1. This delightful bed canopy that would make me even less likely to leave my bedroom.

    2. This plant shop in Amsterdam.

    3. This cascade of green.

    4. And these long, luscious locks.

    5. This combination of disco balls and plants that I'd like as a permanent art installation in my home.

    6. This plant collection that could take over my bookshelves any day.

    7. This above-bed shelf that increases your bedroom's plant display square area.

    8. This clothing rack which works infinitely better as a way to display plants.

    9. This exploding Pilea Peperomioides that will rightfully dwarf most living creatures.

    10. They can literally be all-consuming.

    11. These adorable test tube plant babies.

    12. This bohemian paradise.

    13. Proof that a plant/book nook can exist anywhere in your home.

    14. This fiddle leaf fig that reaches the ceiling.

    15. This plant-enhanced stairway.

    16. And this vine-enhanced one.

    17. This loft space that has been overtaken.

    18. This garland kitchen greeting.

    19. These cactus bleachers.

    20. This union of dog, plant, and hammock that is just too dreamy for words.

    21. And this man with a plan(t).