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24 Genius Clothing Items Every Girl Needs

Because bras, stockings, and high heels are damn far from perfect.

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1. Solemates: Heel Protectors for Walking in Grass

These clear heel protectors not only protect your heels but keep you from sinking into the grass for easier walking. Essential for an outdoor wedding. Get them from Amazon.


10. Key Socks: The Knee-High No-Show Sock Solution / Via

"Wear with flats or high heels when wearing any choice of pant. This sock is a great solution for keeping your feet warm and comfortable without showing you are wearing socks."

Get a pair here for $11.95.


11. Cushioned Stockings for High Heels Wearers

Marks and Spencer's has started creating padded feet for their hosiery to cut down on the pain and pressure that comes from wearing high heels. Get them here for £9.50.