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24 Genius Clothing Items Every Girl Needs

Because bras, stockings, and high heels are damn far from perfect.

1. Solemates: Heel Protectors for Walking in Grass

These clear heel protectors not only protect your heels but keep you from sinking into the grass for easier walking. Essential for an outdoor wedding. Get them from Amazon.

2. Commando Tights Featuring a No-Dig Waistband

These are the most comfortable tights everrrrr. Even if you've eaten an entire buffet's worth, the waistband never feels constricting. Available for $34 from Commando.

3. Purse Organizer Insert

If you love carrying a big bag, this purse organizer is the best way to ensure you always find what you need.

4. The Clear Adhesive Gel Bra by Nüd / Via

"They stay sticky forever and make your chest look amazing. I love them for strapless and backless shirts & dresses. Every girl should have these!" Get it here for $30.

5. The Hip-T: A Layering Accessory for Your Hips

Whale tail, muffin top, crack of dawn. The Hip-T is a stretchy band that conceals all of your waistband issues. Get it for $8.95 here.

6. Jean Stirrups that Keep Your Pants from Bunching Up in Boots

Get them for $9.99 here.

7. The Invisibelt

The Invisibelt is a non-bulky alternative to a belt. It adjusts like a bra strap instead of a buckle and lies down flat underneath snug, silky tops. Get it here for $20.

8. Subtle Butt: Disposable Gas Neutralizer Pads

Gross, but sometimes necessary. Get them for $11.99 from

9. The Bosom Button

It's a subtle button that provides an instant fix for cleavage-y tops or a missing button. Get 'em here.

10. Key Socks: The Knee-High No-Show Sock Solution / Via

"Wear with flats or high heels when wearing any choice of pant. This sock is a great solution for keeping your feet warm and comfortable without showing you are wearing socks."

Get a pair here for $11.95.

11. Cushioned Stockings for High Heels Wearers

Marks and Spencer's has started creating padded feet for their hosiery to cut down on the pain and pressure that comes from wearing high heels. Get them here for £9.50.

12. Comfier Than a Thong: The Knicker Sticker

These stickers are disposable cotton liners designed to replace your panties when the threat of VPL looms. Get them from Amazon for $8.95.

13. Lululemon Stuff Your Bra

Put that fanny pack to rest FOR GOOD by wearing a sports bra with a built-in pocket. $52 from Lululemon, but North Face also makes one for $40.

14. Luxe Travel Flats

These fold-up flats are actually pretty cute. Available for $37 from Neiman Marcus.

15. Bootights: Tights with Built-In Socks

These tights come with socks so you don't need to layer on any extra footwear. Available here for $30.

16. Underfuse: The Iron-On Pocket

Now you can put a pocket anywhere. Get it here for $9.99.

17. No-Toe Stockings for Peep-Toe Shoes

$4.65 from eBay.

18. Intelliskin: The Posture-Enhancing Sports Bra

It's $95 from Intelliskin. They make a range for men too.

19. ThermaCELL Insoles

They're remote-controlled insoles that will save your feet in the winter. The batteries are rechargeable. Get them from Cabelas for $129.99.

20. Convertible Shoes

What started out as a Kickstarter is now a reality. Now you can buy shoes with interchangeable heel lengths.

They also make a zippered skirt for interchangeable lengths.

21. Stella McCartney for Adidas' Gym Bag with Yoga Mat Holder

Get it here for $70.

22. Honeysuckle Top with Built-In Bra Holder

The bra clips ensure no one sees your bra strap. It's $25 from Etsy, but you could also sew these into your off-the-shoulder tops.

23. Racerback Bra Clips

Turn any bra into a racerback bra. The best part is that you get to adjust it, so you can adapt it to many different tank tops. Get them here for $5.95 for a pack of three.

24. Knit Boot Cuffs

Boot cuffs look good sticking out of boots without the added bulk of actual socks. Get these cute boot cuffs from Etsy for $30 or make your own from an old sweater.

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