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37 Impossibly Fun Best Friend Photography Ideas

Time to immortalize your sisterhood.

Christina Lu/BuzzFeed

1. Get into some parking lot tomfoolery.

2. Or some laundromat mischief.

3. Go along with her crazy ideas....

4. Because whenever you're together, you always get into some sort of trouble.

5. Make your best smooshy face.

6. Do the dogpile.

7. Because you always carry each other.

Matthew Lee /

8. And hold each other up.

9. Make a grand entrance with arms linked.

10. Keep a solid lock on each other.

11. Walk in symmetry.

Jaehee Yoo / Facebook: uncchlens

12. Party till dawn.

13. Let all the blood rush to your heads.

Blend Images - KidStock / Getty Images / Brand X

14. Touch the sky.

Kaponia Aliaskei / Shutterstock

15. Jump for joy.

Michelle Johnson -

16. Be perfectly coordinated.

17. Do something silly.

Photolyric / Getty Images

Because best friends don't let each other do them alone.

18. Get close up.

Flickr: invad3r / Creative Commons

19. See who can hold their breath the longest.

pio3 / Shutterstock

20. Re-create a childhood activity.

21. Stare back at yourselves in wonderment....

22. Because you've come an incredibly long way together.

23. Throw up some gang signs.

24. Or just spell it out.

25. Braid your hair together like sisters.

26. See yourselves through a different lens.

27. Have an affinity for infinity.

28. Because you know your friendship will always live on.

29. Flip your hair like the secret mermaids that you are.

30. Throw your yarn in the air like you just don't care.

31. Twirl her around...

Until you all fall down.

32. Show your <3 on the beach.

Tumblr/Comedy Central / Via

33. With your hair.

34. And with your hands.

35. Be the lovebirds that you are.

36. And walk into the sunset hand in hand.

Dianna Avery Photography / Getty Images / Flickr RF

37. Because you know you're best friends...

Steve Madden

When you can do absolutely nothing together and STILL have the best time.

Flickr: 23094783@N03 / Creative Commons