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Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Hairstyles For Medium-Length Hair

Forget complicated braids, fishtails, and 25-step chignons. These hairstyles are the ones you actually have time for.

Bad hair day? Not for long. We asked hair professionals Jeff Chastain, Paola Mathé, Ezmeralda Meco, and Sarah Potempa to teach us some fresh hairstyles for shoulder-length hair. And they delivered. Keep scrolling to learn how to style your hair in fun new ways.

1. Effortlessly Chic Low Pony

low ponytail

2. Knotted Pigtail Braids

knotted pigtail braids

3. Flower Braid

Four photos illustrating each of the four steps

4. A Crown for Curls

Photos illustrating the 10 steps

5. Braided Bun

Four photos illustrating the steps

6. Twist ’n’ Pin

Photos illustrating the four steps

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7. Half-Up Hair Wrap

Photos illustrating the six steps

8. The Undone Bun

blonde hair in a half undone bun

9. Piled-Up Pony

10. The Knotted Pony

photos illustrating the eight steps

11. The Braided Half-Up

Photos illustrating the eight steps

12. Side Sweep

13. Shorty on the Side

Four photos showing the steps

14. Quick Twist for Shorter Hair

Four photos showing the steps

15. Bangin' Braid

Four photos showing the steps

16. Loose Braid

Six photos showing the steps

17. Barely There Wave

wavy light brown hair

18. A Dressed-Up Pony

Photos showing the six steps

19. Half French Twist

Photos showing the six steps

20. Frohawk

Photos showing the four steps

21. Shanice never really got into head wraps because she thought her hair was way too big to rock them. Of course we were excited to prove her wrong with this retro style.

Photos showing six steps: Put hair into a bun, place wrap around head, tie knot in front, bring ends around, bring ends to front and tuck into folds, and tuck hair to the side for a faux bang

22. The Mini Bun

Photos showing the four steps

23. The New Topsy Tail

Photos showing the six steps

24. The Fun Bun

Photos showing the four steps

25. Triple-Threat Braid

Photos showing eight steps

26. 10-Minute Fancy Updo

Photos showing the 10 steps

27. Chic Chignon

Photos showing the seven steps

28. French Hawk

Photos showing the six steps

29. Front Bump + Pullback

30. Secret Braid

Photos showing the six steps

31. The Double-Layered Pony

32. Beach Braids

Photos showing the six steps

33. The Fake Bob

Facebook: video.php

Use a wrap-up to tuck your long hair up into a short style. Watch this tutorial to learn how to style a fake bob — plus two other cute dos.

34. Tucked Up

photos showing the four steps and the style

35. Triple Bun

photos showing the five steps

36. The Crisscross

photos showing the eight steps

37. The Game of Thrones–Inspired Style

Facebook: video.php

It's three different braids that look like a damn dream when they're put together.

38. Wraparound Braids

photos showing the six steps

39. Fishtail Braid

model showing the style

40. Love-Heart Fish Braid

41. Morgan's effortless slay proves that head wraps work for straight strands, too. Tell me your day wasn’t made 100 times better by this fab style (and that adorbs gap)!!!

Photos with steps for head wrap: Tie a knot in the back, make a bow, and play with the bow loops to add some shape and drama

42. Pony + Side Bangs