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    32 Genius Fishing Tips That'll Actually Help You Catch More Fish

    If you have better fishing tips and tricks, let minnow.

    1. Extend the life of your minnows by adding a cupful of hydrogen peroxide to your bait bucket.

    2. Use a 2-liter plastic soda bottle to trap minnows for bait.

    3. Use colored masking tape to easily differentiate your rods.

    4. Use safety pins to organize your swivels.

    5. As well as your fish hooks.

    6. Safety pins are just all around handy things to have.

    7. A cut-off piece of pool noodle will safely store your snell hooks.

    8. The Line Cutterz ring is a piece of jewelry that will cut your fishing line on the fly.

    9. Pool noodle + laundry basket makes for an instant floating fish basket.

    10. PVC pipe in a 5-gallon bucket makes a great DIY fishing rod carrier.

    11. If you've got spare wine corks lying around, they make great floats/bobbers.

    12. You can also use wine corks to keep yourself from getting stabbed by your hooks when digging around the tackle box.

    13. A wine cork also makes for a mini fishing survival kit for campers if you ever find yourself in need of an emergency food source.

    14. Your sunglasses WILL fall in the water at some point, so attach a couple wine corks to a sunglasses lanyard and VOILA — floating sunglasses!

    15. Speaking of alcohol, beer bottle caps screwed to a piece of scrapwood will be the best fish scaler you've ever owned.

    16. Any kind of mints packaging (such as an Altoids tin or Tic Tac box) will hold your sinkers for a more organized tackle box.

    17. Here's a bait recipe using hot dogs as the base that will drive catfish crazy.

    18. Rubbing your hands with salt and then dish soap will remove the fishy smell from your hands.

    19. Safely tie a fishing line to your hook without skewering your fingers using a gadget called the Hook-eze.

    20. This handy chart will help you determine the best fishing line color for various fishing situations.

    21. The "double uni" knot is the best way to tie two fishing lines together.

    22. You'll definitely want to learn the Palomar knot as well, also known as the strongest fishing knot.

    23. Here are more essential knots to learn.

    24. Use a diamond nail file to sharpen fish hooks and get more hook-ups.

    25. Use "tubular gauze" to keep your chicken liver on the hook when trying to catch catfish.

    26. Keep those little silica gel packets and put them in your tackle box to keep hooks from rusting.

    27. Keep a rag hooked into your belt loop with a carabiner.

    28. This chart is a handy guide on which rod to use in different situations.

    29. Use the local insects/life as bait.

    30. Add some tasty scent to your lures by dunking them in cod liver oil.

    31. Use latex gloves to apply sunscreen so you don't accidentally get any on your baits.

    32. Always pee before you put on your waders.