31 F**king Adorable Things To Make For Babies

    Because just "simply adorable" does not effing cut it anymore.

    1. A Hedgehog Costume

    2. Bowtie Onesies

    3. Webbed Duck Baby Booties

    4. A Unicorn Hat

    5. Dress Turned Bubble Romper

    6. High Chair Bunting

    7. Knitted Jack Frost Doll

    8. A Dinosaur Hoodie

    9. "French Toast" Bib

    10. Ruffled Diaper Covers

    11. Bunny Outfit

    12. Tiny Leather Moccassins

    13. Booties that Look Like Tiny Moccassins

    14. A Happy Raincloud Mobile

    15. Bunny Brother and Sister Dolls

    16. Hot Air Balloons

    17. A Lemon Hat

    18. Sock Monkey Costume

    19. Sequin Heart Headband

    20. Toothsome Tooth Teddy Bears

    21. Freezer Paper Stencil Onesie

    22. Washcloth Puppets

    23. Plushy Fruit People

    24. Animal Headbands

    25. Altoids Tin Sleepover Friends

    26. Autumn Pixie Hat

    BABY OR ELF??? Get the pattern here.

    27. Dinosaur Hooded Towels

    28. Monster Hat

    29. Knit Booties with Tiny Dog Heads on Them

    30. Totoro Costume

    31. A Crocheted Mermaid Tail