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    21 Ridiculously Easy Hairstyles You Can Do With Spin Pins

    Keep those buns TIGHT!

    These are the genius contraptions called spin pins, and they purportedly "do the work of 20 bobby pins."

    You can get them at Target for $3.79. You can also get the Magic Scroo on eBay for even cheaper.

    They're especially great for getting those perfect ballerina buns, even with the thickest or thinnest of hair.


    If you have slippery hair, your buns will feel so much more secure than if you were to use bobby pins.

    Here are some spin pin hairstyles that are a little bit more lively than the ballerina bun:

    1. Nestle those buns together to create something interesting.

    See how she did this with three spin pins here.

    2. Add a flower.

    Directions here.

    3. Keep it loose and messy with dangling tendrils.

    Get the tutorial (with video!) here.

    4. Wrap that bun with fancy twists.

    Full directions here.

    5. Sleep with 'em in to get effortless beachy waves.

    6. Get an extra-voluminous bun with a Bump-It and a spin pin.

    View this video on YouTube

    7. Incorporate a side braid with your bun.

    8. A low side chignon is romantic enough for an evening event.

    Get the directions here.

    9. This braided updo is deceptively easy.

    Refinery29 has the full directions.

    10. Update the French twist by creating a tucked-in beehive.

    11. Make it a rope braid bun.

    View this video on YouTube

    12. Use a spin pin to hold this princess hairstyle in place.

    Directions here.

    13. Weave in waterfall braids.

    Hannah McClark /

    Waterfall braid each side, French braid a few rows and twist them into a bun. Secure with spin pins.

    14. A loose double-knotted ponytail will hold way better with spin pins.

    15. Roll in the sides for a more romantic look.

    16. Divide the bottom half of your hair and wrap it around your spin-pinned bun.

    17. You can also create pompadours with spin pins.

    Use one spin pin to secure the updo, and another one for the pompadour.

    18. Create an interesting ponytail by letting some hair fall out of the bun.

    Get the tutorial plus 7 more in this video.

    19. Bejewel your spin pins.

    Get the DIY here.

    20. Make a pretzel bun.!prettyPhoto

    Spin pins are great for little girls because they stay in so well. Get directions here.

    21. Fake a haircut.

    Spin pins are truly magical. Get the directions here.

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