32 Things That Belong In Your Child’s Dream Room

We were clearly all deprived as children.

3. One of these hanging cocoon chairs.

8. Giant pillows that are also puzzle pieces.

10. A tiny crawl space.

11. An entire jungle gym.

13. An tree that’s a house.

14. An actual tree.

15. Whatever this insane space age pod is.

16. A rock-climbing wall.

18. A rock-climbing wall AND a slide.

19. A secret room.

20. A rock climbing wall that leads to a secret room.

22. A performance stage for the talented singing and dancing toddler in your life.

23. A castle fort.

25. A full-on KITCHEN.

26. A giant Playmobil display.

28. An actual pirate ship.

29. Life-sized stuffed animals (and a teepee).

30. A climbable beanstalk.

32. A mini soccer field.

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