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    32 Things That Belong In Your Child's Dream Room

    We were clearly all deprived as children.

    1. Swings.

    2. A swinging bed.

    3. One of these hanging cocoon chairs.

    4. A Narnia Passage

    5. A windmill.

    6. A LEGO wall.


    8. Giant pillows that are also puzzle pieces.

    9. A trap door.

    10. A tiny crawl space.

    11. An entire jungle gym.

    12. A treehouse.

    13. An tree that's a house.

    14. An actual tree.

    15. Whatever this insane space age pod is.

    16. A rock-climbing wall.

    17. A bed slide.

    18. A rock-climbing wall AND a slide.

    19. A secret room.

    20. A rock climbing wall that leads to a secret room.

    21. A library.

    22. A performance stage for the talented singing and dancing toddler in your life.

    23. A castle fort.

    24. A cottage.

    25. A full-on KITCHEN.

    26. A giant Playmobil display.

    27. Boats.

    28. An actual pirate ship.

    29. Life-sized stuffed animals (and a teepee).

    30. A climbable beanstalk.

    31. A ferris wheel.

    32. A mini soccer field.