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18 IKEA Shopping Tips That Will Save You Time And Money

What's big and blue and stressful all over?

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2. Get an IKEA family card for discounts (especially if you have kids).

Grab a plastic loyalty card at the front of the store and you’ll get free coffee or tea when you visit the restaurant (but not in a to-go cup, unfortunately).

Not only do you get discounts of seasonal items up to 25%, but you'll also get BOGO free frozen yogurt when you pick up your card for the first time.


6. But if you want the best stuff, check out the As-Is section on a Monday.

Most people return stuff on the weekends, so the stock will be bigger and not as picked over.


8. If you get your stuff home and are missing parts, don't go back to IKEA.

Figure out the missing part number (listed in the assembly instructions) and call your local store to ask for replacements. They'll mail you what you need.

11. Enter through the exit door.

Once you've made your shopping list, there's no need to get seduced by the showroom or the marketplace. Go through the exit door and you'll land yourself right at the warehouse, with all the right aisle and bin numbers for everything you need.


16. Make your furniture last longer with wood glue.

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This especially helps if, say, a shelf feels wobbly once you've put it together. However, just be aware that using glue will make it that much harder to dismantle for a future move.

17. Look out for the (up to) 20% off kitchen sale if you're in the market for new cabinets or appliances.

This sale happens about 3-4 times a year, but it's actually going on practically year round if you factor in the 90-day price protection you get with an IKEA Family membership. (You have to make your purchase as an IKEA Family transaction.)

So if you miss the sale, there should be another one within three months. You can simply take your receipt to customer service and get a credit for the discount.

18. Make returns first thing in the morning.

IKEA. It's kind of like the DMV.

Since it's a take-your-ticket-and-sit-your-ass-down system, you want to get there before the line gets way out of control. Especially since making returns/exchanges are such a pain to do in the first place.