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31 Clever Tech Gifts You Might Want To Keep For Yourself

Get out of that Black Friday line. The best tech gifts are all available online.

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3. Automatic, The iPhone-Connected Car Tracking Device, $99.95

The tracking device connects to a car's OBD-II port and gauges a lot of important driving data, like how often you hit the brakes too hard and how much you're really spending on gas. It helps consumers save gas, drive safer and understand why their car’s “check engine” light came on. It also remembers where the car is parked and can automatically call for help in a crash, and alert loved ones. Find more information here. Buy it here.

6. Kopi Kbar: a Power Strip with USB Ports, $60

It's an energy-efficient aluminum power strip that adds dual 2.1A USB charging ports in addition to its 3 standard AC outlets. It's very sleek and pretty, too. Get it here.


22. The Pebble Customizable Watch, $149

You can connect to the internet and download different watchfaces. There are also a number of apps that have been created for it, and it can connect to your iPhone or Android phone to, for instance, alert you with a silent vibration to incoming calls, emails and messages. Get it here.