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    26 Genius Teacher Supplies That Will Start The School Year Right

    Attention parents: buy these for the teacher in your life now.

    1. Balancing cushions, which provide flexible seating for children and helps them focus.

    2. These scoop rockers, which can also create more flexible seating options.

    3. Fraction pencils.

    4. Dry erase handwriting tape.

    5. Some colorful car wash mitts that make whiteboard erasing fun.

    6. A dry erase tray to hold all your colorful car wash mitts.

    7. Giant mechanical pencils with extra thick lead that's less prone to breakage.

    8. Magnetic whiteboard erasers.

    9. A pack of erasable pens in pretty colors.

    10. Address labels so you can label EVERYTHING.

    11. Eraser storage you can mount to the side of your desk.

    12. Hooks for cinder blocks.

    13. Jumbo dice within dice.

    14. A set of four buzzers that make group activities more fun.

    15. A wireless doorbell with changeable chimes.

    16. Lock and key sets that can be used for math problem solving games as well as fine motor skills.

    17. Kwikstix tempera paint sticks that are way less messy than actual paints.

    18. LEGO mats.

    19. Salt shakers for glitter.

    20. Dry erase board sheets that you can stick anywhere.

    21. A laminating machine that lets you make reusable worksheets and classroom decor that stands the test of time.

    22. Rainbow washi tape to help label things like Chromebooks and headphones.

    23. Colorful letter stickers for bottle caps for DIY word building games.

    24. Oil-based Sharpies for writing kids' names on desks.

    25. Cookie sheet trays that you can use with magnetic letters.

    26. A mug that keeps you sane.

    Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.