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31 Cheap And Easy Last-Minute DIY Gifts They'll Actually Want

Just because you're cheap and lazy doesn't mean your friends and family have to suffer.

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

1. Homemade Fort Kit

Cutest idea ever for the child (or adult child) in your life. Go here to see what you should put in your own fort kit.

2. Arrow Bookmark (From Popsicle Sticks!)

3. Knitted Soap Socks

The wool felts as you use it. Get the pattern here (this gift is notedly NOT last-minute if you don't have the knitting skills to begin with).

Bonus points if your soap is handmade too!

4. Sweater Mittens

Made from cute old sweaters (that might have shrunken in the wash). Tutorial here.

5. A Family Recipe-Etched Cutting Board

Pay it forward. Get the instructions here.

6. Clementine Wreaths

Directions here.

7. A Basket of Indoor Snowballs

An adorable idea if your loved one is experiencing a warm-weather Christmas.

8. A Tissue Box of $$$

Imagine your white elephant's surprise when you, in fact, did NOT just get them a box of Puffs Plus.

9. Hershey's Kiss Rice Krispie Treats

Get the directions here.

10. A Package of Gorgeously Embellished Oreos

Sprinkles to the rescue (again).

11. An On-the-Go Reading Pillow

Just think how much parents will love you if you gift this to their child. Directions here.

12. Starbucks Latte Soap

Making soap is easier than you think if you purchase a soap base. Get the tutorial here.

13. A Wallet Full o' Gift Cards

Especially cute if you can think of a theme (in this case, mall food court establishments).

14. Roll of Coins Stocking Stuffer

Perfect for your newly independent niece who needs all the laundry quarters she can get.

15. A Cupcake in a Jar

16. Homemade Bubble Bath

What really makes this special is the gorgeous label, which you can get for free here.

17. Lip Balm Lockets

Get the tutorial here.

18. Christmas Bow Bobby Pins

No one will be able to resist immediately sticking these into their hair the second they open the box.

19. Watercolor Portraits

Perfect for grandparents, and they're easier to make than you'd think. Get the tutorial here.

20. Tube Bead Necklace

Get the directions here.

21. A Bag of Stamped Peppermint Candies

You can personalize them with anything. Get the tutorial here.

22. Embroidery Thread Necklace

Make it any color combo you'd like. Get the directions here.

23. Their Name in Poms

You could ostensibly spell any ol' dirty thing you'd like. Get the directions here.

24. A Gingerbread House Kit

25. A Pom-Pom Branch Bouquet

Get the tutorial here.

26. Gold Initial Mug

So simple, it's hard to go wrong. Get the directions here.

27. Dip Mix Ornament Set

You can get food-safe ornaments from any craft store. Directions and recipes here.

28. Tiny Wire Heart Earrings

29. Fruity Stamped Zipper Purses

Get the directions here.

30. Bath Bombs in a Jar

The pastel rainbow effect makes this such a pretty gift. Get the tutorial here.

31. Shower Disks

Shower disks are the new bath bombs ya'll. Directions here.

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