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    15 Extremely Helpful Cat Owner Cheatsheets For Anyone Considering Adopting A Cat

    If you're constantly googling "what does it mean when my cat does x" then this is the post for you!

    1. Thinking about getting a kitten? Here's what the costs are gonna look like.

    2. And what to expect in terms of growth at different kitten stages.

    3. Here's a handy guide of what to feed and not feed your cats.

    4. In case you were wondering how old your cat is in human years, now you know.

    It's very strange (but oddly delightful) to think of my 10-year-old cat as a 56-year-old woman.

    5. Now on to the real enigmatic cat behaviors...

    6. Like what their body language means...

    7. And what their different tail and whisker behaviors mean.

    8. And here's a more detailed account of cat tails and their meanings.

    9. Of course, every cat has their own special spots where they like to be pet, but this chart gives you a general ballpark idea.

    10. Here are just some "Today I Learned" facts about cats, like that they have 30 teeth.

    11. If you're new to the whole litterbox thing, this chart can help!

    12. Here are some things to look out for if you recently adopted a senior cat.

    13. If you've never brushed your cat's teeth in its cat life (:guiltily raises hand:) this chart tells you how.

    14. Here's a chart that helps demystify common cat behaviors.

    15. Lastly, the fun stuff: what your cat's poop is trying to tell you.


    In my experience, probably many things but I try not to think about it too much.

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