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41 Genius Camping Hacks You'll Wish You Thought Of Sooner

May the forest be with you.

1. Make pizza in your pie iron with biscuit dough.

Get the complete recipe here. You can also just use sliced bread and a little butter.

2. Line your pie iron with foil for easy clean up.

3. Wrapping your meat in cabbage leaves will keep it from getting burnt to a crisp.

4. A miniature Tic Tac box makes a great miniature tackle box.

5. Adding sage to your campfire or fire pit keeps mosquitoes and bugs away.

6. Kids can make an adorable and easy keepsake bracelet out of duct tape.

7. Here's an awesome s'mores hack your kids will love:

8. Stovetop popcorn (like Jiffy Pop) can be made over a campfire.

They're so easy to transport, and kids will be amazed when the foil begins to expand. Just be careful, as the handle will become very hot.

You can also make your own out of popcorn kernels and aluminum foil. Directions here.

9. Keep extra duct tape for emergencies right on your water bottle.

10. Make eggs and bacon in a paper bag.

It's an easy way to make multiple breakfasts at once. Get the recipe/directions here.

11. Use an acorn cap to loudly whistle for help if you're lost in the woods.

Or make a willow whistle.

12. These compact towels can dry off two people after swimming and are dry to the touch within an hour of use.

13. Bailey's dipped toasted marshmallows are a must for camping.

14. Make flaming Jell-O marshmallow shots.

15. Make a last-minute camping spoon with a knife and a plastic bottle.

16. Fill a gallon milk jug with water and 1/4 cup salt to use as a salt block for your cooler.

The jugs mean that you won't get water all over your food when the ice melts. The salt will make the cold last longer — however, it also means that the water in the jugs won't double as emergency drinking water.

Read more about it here.

17. Carry your seasonings in straws.

18. You can also keep seasonings, toppings, and condiments separate but organized in stackable pill containers.

19. Blue cheese filled bacon-wrapped mushrooms are the savory version of a campfire s'more.

20. This is the coolest tarp trick:

21. Pre-make your food and vacuum seal it.

22. Keep your toiletries hooked onto a shower caddy.

23. Slit foam swim noodles lengthwise and slip over each awning strut.

24. Carry some emergency TP in an Altoids container.

25. A 16-ounce water bottle will hold 8–9 large eggs.

26. This collapsible silicone coffee dripper takes up almost no space.

27. For fewer burrs, rub the laces of your hiking boots with paraffin before hitting the trail.

28. Corn chips (like Fritos or Doritos) make a great substitute kindling when starting a fire.

29. Make an inexpensive candle lantern out of a used tuna can and a candle.

30. Silicone cups are unbreakable and super easy to pack.

31. Make toothpaste dots.

32. Keep your TP dry in a CD spindle.

If you're trying to save space because you're backpacking, take the tube out and flatten the toilet paper. Keep it in a plastic bag instead.

33. Instant grits will keep ants away from your campsite.

34. Use biodegradable trail marking tape so you don't get lost while hiking.

35. Safely remove a tick with a cotton ball soaked in liquid hand soap.

Keep it on the tick for at least 20 seconds. The tick will cease biting, back out, and will remain stuck to the cotton ball when it's pulled away. If the tick has been embedded for awhile, keep it in a jar so you can test it for Lyme disease.

[source: Budget101]

Note that there is debate on whether this actually works. Here's a testimonial that says it does, but there's no scientific evidence to back it up, so try at your own risk and keep a pair of tweezers in your first aid kit.

36. Your deodorant doubles as a mosquito bite itch queller.

37. Make solar camp lanterns out of mason jars and solar disks.

38. Johnson's Baby Creamy Oil doubles as a super effective mosquito repellent.

39. Glue sandpaper to the top of your match holder.

40. Cobble together a makeshift shower using a large water jug and a watering can head.

41. Make camping sangria concentrate using a mason jar.

Click here for 41 more ingenious camping hacks!

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