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    21 Products For Coffee Lovers That Will Blow Your Caffeine-Loaded Mind

    Non-morning-people unite.

    1. A floating coffee mug that won't leave a pesky ring.

    Because coffee mugs and coffee tables should look out for each other.

    2. A cup that loves coffee possibly even more than you do.

    3. An espresso glass for those who want a shot and a chaser.

    4. A mug that nestles perfectly between your knees when surfaces are scarce.

    Keep your friends close, and your coffee closer.

    5. An iPhone case that holds your cup so you can multi-task.

    You probably shouldn't be texting or emailing before you've had your first cup.

    6. An impeccably designed bag closer and measuring spoon in one.

    7. A five-gallon Starbucks coffee mug.

    The Giganti.

    8. A sassy tee.

    9. A coffee cup you can build a different way every morning.

    Get your brain going first thing.

    10. A mug for cold hands, warm hearts.

    11. A mug that...wait for it...

    Is also a French press.

    12. Sugar doilies for the prettiest cup of coffee.

    13. Cat-shaped marshmallows for the most adorable latte.

    14. A travel mug that makes coffee IN THE MUG.

    In just three minutes flat.

    15. A lid that signifies temperature so you no longer get burnt-tongue syndrome.

    Honey, your coffee is ready.

    16. A most adorable mug with a built-in stirrer.

    IS IT ALIVE???

    17. A practically-instant iced coffee maker.

    It chills your coffee immediately, no ice needed.

    18. For those who need a little extra oomph in their coffee.

    19. A coffee mug sent from God.

    Because let's face it — that's pretty much how it feels every morning.

    20. An alarm that wakes you up with a fresh cup.

    21. A coffee faucet.

    Life = complete.

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