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    21 Products For Coffee Lovers That Will Blow Your Caffeine-Loaded Mind

    Non-morning-people unite.

    1. A floating coffee mug that won't leave a pesky ring.

    2. A cup that loves coffee possibly even more than you do.

    3. An espresso glass for those who want a shot and a chaser.

    4. A mug that nestles perfectly between your knees when surfaces are scarce.

    5. An iPhone case that holds your cup so you can multi-task.

    6. An impeccably designed bag closer and measuring spoon in one.

    7. A five-gallon Starbucks coffee mug.

    The Giganti.

    8. A sassy tee.

    9. A coffee cup you can build a different way every morning.

    10. A mug for cold hands, warm hearts.

    11. A mug that...wait for it...

    12. Sugar doilies for the prettiest cup of coffee.

    13. Cat-shaped marshmallows for the most adorable latte.

    14. A travel mug that makes coffee IN THE MUG.

    15. A lid that signifies temperature so you no longer get burnt-tongue syndrome.

    16. A most adorable mug with a built-in stirrer.

    17. A practically-instant iced coffee maker.

    18. For those who need a little extra oomph in their coffee.

    19. A coffee mug sent from God.

    20. An alarm that wakes you up with a fresh cup.

    21. A coffee faucet.