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    22 Brilliant Ideas For Your Tiny Apartment

    No matter how tiny that studio apartment is, nothing beats having your own space. Here are some actually feasible ideas that don't involve remodeling or a completely unrealistic warehouse loft.

    1. Place a curtain around the bed.

    It'll give your sleeping space some tranquility and a nook-like feel.

    2. If your workspace only consists of a laptop, just use a bookshelf instead of taking up space with a desk.

    3. The curtain separator works for a kitchen too.

    4. Use a piece of plywood to build a makeshift wall that you can place a desk against.

    5. Or a pull-down screen.

    Doubles as a surface to project movies on!

    6. Put the bedroom under a gigantic canopy.

    It'll give the illusion of a private fort.

    7. Use your TV to mentally separate your sleeping space from your entertainment space.

    Flickr: beachrepublic

    Also: love the accent wall in the "bedroom."

    8. Opt for sliding doors for closets and bathrooms.

    They require less space than swing-out doors.

    9. Repurpose an old window for kitchen separation.

    Also: a kitchen island on wheelies can provide some much-needed counter and storage space.

    10. A chest doubles as a coffee table and as storage.

    11. Set your bed up against a wall so you can prop pillows up when you need to use it as a couch.

    12. Make a couch that swivels into a bed.

    You can finally get that dreamy sectional you've always wanted. Get the DIY here.

    13. Use seating as an opportunity to store as much stuff as possible.

    Instead of plain old chairs, opt for seating that serves double duty, like storage ottomans and storage couches.

    14. Make use of a ladder in dead space behind a door.

    You can hang things off of it, like a throw or a winter jacket.

    15. Use your window as a projector screen.

    If you're not the type to watch television but still want the option to screen movies in your apartment, buy a white screen for your windows that double as blinds.

    16. Place your sofa against the bed.

    17. Chaise lounges are a good alternative to regular-sized couches.

    They're generally shorter than full-sized couches and are more versatile than a loveseat. And if you get two of them, you can sandwich them together into a makeshift bed.

    18. Turn your bed into a movie pit with a heavy dresser or console.

    19. A ceiling-hanging clothing rack takes advantage of your vertical space.

    The one shown here doesn't look bulky or monstrous, and you have enough vertical space to stack things like shoes or books underneath.

    20. Don't have space for a couch? Giant pillows on the floor can be laid out when you have guests over.

    And then put away when you need the floor space. SO COZY.

    21. Build a super simple foldout table that's mounted to the wall.

    If you have basic carpentry skills, you can make an incredibly simple kitchen table that folds back up onto a wall with some wood and some hinges.

    22. Put your bed on lockable casters.

    This way, you can easily wheel it to be used as extra seating in the living room, or against a wall when you need some floor space to do an impromptu yoga routine or gymnastics flip.

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