24 Beautiful And Stylish Ways To Decorate For Halloween

    Throw the classiest Halloween party ever, on the cheap. You can always save the decorations for your future spooky goth wedding.

    1. White Star Spiderweb Paper Lanterns

    2. Pumpkins Painted with Flat Black Paint

    3. Mirror Turned Menu Board

    This mirror was painted with flat grey paint and chalkboard paint.

    4. Black on Black Playing Cards

    5. Black Cocktail Rimming Sugar

    6. Simple Pom Garland

    7. Spraypainted Twig Wreath

    8. Cross-Stitched Starry Night Table Runner

    9. Black Skull Candles

    10. Candy-Filled Place Cards

    11. Candles in Glass Bottles

    12. Black Framed Embroidery

    13. Simple Black Triangle Bunting

    14. Painted Letters on White Pumpkins

    15. Bat-Stenciled Doormat

    16. Free Jar Printables

    17. Lace-Wrapped Votives

    18. White Painted Bat Napkin Setting

    19. Black Painted Frames with Creepy Photos Inside

    20. Apothecary-Style Candy Jars

    21. Screenprinted Napkins

    22. Creepy Hand Wall Hooks

    23. A Garland of Spikes

    24. Black and White Candy