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    24 Awesome Maternity Outfits You Can Make Yourself

    Time to learn how to sew so you don't have to buy a whole new wardrobe. Thankfully, many of these DIYs simply involve repurposing things you already own.

    1. Add an elastic waistband to an old thrift store dress to make a cool new skirt.

    Get the directions here.

    2. Make a convertible bathing suit with ruching on the sides to accomodate a burgeoning belly.

    Get the sewing tutorial here.

    3. Create an easy tunic with some simple but artful draping.

    This looks so comfy and effortless. Directions here.

    4. Make your own maternity skirts from stretchy knits.

    Since knit doesn't fray, you don't even have to hem them. Get the sewing tutorial here.

    5. A plain stretchy shirt can be modified just by adding ruching on the sides.

    See how Dana turned an Old Navy shirt into a maternity shirt.

    6. Learn how to transform a pair of skinny jeans by replacing the stiff waistband with stretchy fabric.

    Get the tutorial here.

    7. Here's a slightly different alternative, where the waist band is let out at the sides.

    Get the directions here.

    8. This gathered A-line skirt is totally adorable in anchor print.

    Get the sewing tutorial here.

    9. Stretch jersey is your friend.

    A stretchy jersey waistband DIY skirt is so much comfier and more forgiving than one with an elastic waistband.

    Wear your stretchy pencil skirt with a knotted T-shirt, like this.

    10. Go Grecian with this easy maxi dress.

    Get the pattern here.

    11. This reversible paper bag skirt can be worn during and AFTER pregnancy.

    Get the tutorial here.

    12. Turn an old T-shirt into a maternity shirt by adding a shirred waistband.

    Get the directions here.

    13. Transform a men's button-down shirt with a smocked elastic waistband.

    Get the directions here.

    14. Here's a midi-length peter pan collar maternity dress that you'd be hard-pressed to find in any store.

    Get the directions here.

    15. Make this easy nursing shawl from an extra piece of fabric.

    Get the directions here.

    16. Create this wrap skirt from two yards of fabric.

    Get the directions here.

    17. You don't have to forgo your summer jorts just because you're preggers.

    Get the modification here.

    18. Transform a sweater into a top-buttoning cardigan.

    Get the directions here.

    19. Turn an old blazer into a cape jacket.

    A poncho or cape is a great way to stay warm without having to worry about having a coat that will button over your belly. Get the DIY here.

    20. Make a high-waisted winter T-shirt dress.

    Get the directions here. *Note that this isn't actually a maternity dress, but could easily be adapted to be one because of the flared skirt.

    21. This stretchy wrap dress will be great for nursing, as well.

    Get the DIY here.

    22. A boxy babydoll dress is roomy and comfy.

    Get the pattern here.

    23. Turn any bra into a maternity bra with some simple sewing.

    Why pay a bunch of money for a new bra? Get the directions here.

    24. Last Resort:

    Be comforted in the fact that there IS indeed a short-term solution for non-sewers.

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