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19 Awesome Eye Makeup Ideas For Asians

The monolid is your playground.

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1. Add a little black eyeliner in the crease, and in the inner corner.

And remember to BLEND! This look is created with green eyeshadow on the lid, and brown eyeshadow halfway up to the browbone, and then blended to create a softer, more natural eye.


9. Monolids can take advantage of this simple vertical gradient eyeshadow look.

If you've been following ye olde western makeup tutorials all your life, you might be familiar with the traditional "dark shadow in the outer corners" trick, which was always hard to get right without a lot of lid surface area. Instead, try using eyeshadow to make a gradient, with the darkest color closest to the lash line.

10. A really bright white eyeliner along the bottom waterline can look totally FUTURE.

Forget rimming the bottom waterline lightly with white eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger. Make it bright and obvious, like it was really meant to be there.