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    51 Hopelessly Adorable DIY Christmas Decorations

    Pink is officially now a perfectly acceptable holiday home decor choice.

    1. Ice Cream Cone Ornaments

    2. Alphabet Pasta Place Cards

    3. Cookie Cutters as Ornaments or Place Cards

    4. Succulent Place Cards

    5. A String-Art Card Display

    6. Plastic Animal Figurines as Place Cards

    7. Candy Cane Mice

    8. Peanut Creatures for Ornaments and Garlands

    9. Mitten Cupcake Toppers

    10. Watercolor Gift Cards for Party Favors

    11. Mini Felt-Ball Wreaths

    12. Ice Skate Ornaments Made from Twigs

    13. Paint-Chip Christmas Tree

    14. Felt Appliquéd Stockings

    15. The Rudolph Wreath

    16. Ornament Planters

    17. Little Sweater Hearts

    18. Tiny Bunting for a Tiny Tree

    19. Mini Christmas Scene Photo Backdrop for Your Guests

    20. Christmas Figurine Planter

    21. A Holiday Bingo Game

    22. Animal Party Spoons

    23. Iron-On Dinner Napkins

    24. Christmas Teepee for the Kids

    25. Fun Christmas Props for Photos

    26. Tiny Felt Houses

    27. Yarn-Wrapped Tree Display

    28. Little Birdhouse Ornaments

    29. Folded Napkins that Look Like Elf Hats

    30. Glittery Galaxy Ornaments

    31. Felt Teddy Bears and Twine

    32. The Pastel Sugar Cookie Garland

    33. Cutout Cup Decorations

    34. Acorn-Topped Ornaments

    35. Bowtie Pasta Garland

    36. Mossy Holiday Display

    37. Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

    38. Cinnamon Gift Tags

    39. Craft Paper Tree Skirt Filled with Pinecones and Ornaments

    40. Neon-Tipped Pinecones and Baubles

    41. Pastel-Colored Trees Made Out of Pasta

    42. Yarn-Wrapped Wreath

    43. Garland Made from Tiny Salt Dough Mittens

    44. Geometric Christmas Trees

    45. Easy Painted Ornaments

    46. Printable Christmas Holiday Scene

    47. Marshmallows Dressed Like Snowmen

    48. Card Display Wreath Made from Clothespins

    49. Bottle Brush Tree Display

    50. Wooden Village Made From Miniature Birdhouses

    51. Your Cat, as a Tree Topper

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