49 Awesome DIY Holiday Cards

If there’s one thing you’re going to hand-make this holiday season, avoid the generic store-bought Christmas cards and opt for one of these creative ideas. Most people display their Christmas cards, and yours will be sure to stand out.

1. Instagram Photo Cards

Get the tutorial here.

2. Craft Paper Cards and Envelopes

Get the tutorial here.

3. Pop-Up Christmas Tree Cards

Get the instructions and free printable here.

4. Washi Tape Christmas Trees

Or use pieces of leftover ribbon.

5. The Hole-Punch Wreath Card

If you have a couple sizes of hole punchers, you can easily make this graphic wreath card from colored paper.

6. The 3-D Poinsettia Card

This card is made from construction paper and rhinestones.

7. The Metallic Snowflake Stamp Card

This motif requires some rubber snowflake stamps and a metallic stamp pad or metallic paint.

8. The Machine-Sewn Card

9. Fingerpaint Christmas Cards by the Kids

A fun art project for the little ones.

10. The Cut-Out Tree Card

Get the directions here.

11. Glitter and Bark Holiday Card

The pattern comes from a printable you can find here.

12. The Tiny Doily Card

Get the directions here.

13. The Hand-Sequined Christmas Card

Get the tutorial here.

14. Felt and Fabric Christmas Cards

Use pinking shears and any fabric scraps.

Another fabric scrap design.

15. A Gingerbread House–Decorating Party Invitation

Directions are here.

16. The Holly Card

Instructions are here.

17. The Paper Loop Card

This isn’t a card you want to mail, however — the loops will get crushed. You could always use ribbon instead.

18. A Simple Wreath Holiday Card

Be sure to include the string so it can be reused as an ornament or gift tag.

19. Colorful Button Cards

There’s no DIY for this, but you creative types should be able to figure it out on your own.

Another cute button-card idea.

20. The Glittery Reindeer Card

Stencil a design on paper and fill with glitter. Use extra-hold hairspray to seal glitter.

21. Super-Simple Stitched Cards

You could also use these as gift tags.

22. The Pixel Pop-Up Card

Kind of the coolest card ever. Instructions are here.

23. The Ribbon Christmas Tree Card

24. The Adorable Drying Mittens Card

Get the instructions here.

25. The Stamped Handkerchief Christmas Card

Get the directions here.

26. The Embroidered Christmas Card

Even a super-simple design can look totally adorable using this technique.

Use a stencil and hand-stitch the lines.

27. The Clever Reindeer Pop-Up Card

This one takes a little skill.

28. The 3-D Geometric Christmas Card

Use the free printable to create this Christmas card.

29. Photo-Lined Envelopes

Find the tutorial here.

30. A Simple Geometric Stamped Card

Use yarn wrapped around a wooden block to achieve this design. Green, red, or metallic ink will turn a simple pattern into a Christmas motif.

31. The Embroidery Floss Tree Card

Video tutorial below.

Video available at:

32. Doily Money-Holder Card

Get the directions here.

33. A Christmas Card Idea for the Kids

The shape is made by tracing your hand.

34. The Fabric Pen Christmas Card

The design shown here is for a book cover, but you could easily adapt it to fancy cardstock for a Christmas card.

35. Photobooth Strip in a Box

Include a photobooth-strip photo of your family and some candies in each package.

36. The Ruffled Christmas Card

The scalloped effect was achieved by using a Martha Stewart hole punch.

37. Rickrack Christmas Cards

These cards use that wavy trim you can find at most craft stores.

38. The Simple Moose Christmas Card

All you need is a template and some pretty paper or fabric.

39. Envelopes Made from Wrapping Paper or Magazine Pages

40. The Hand-Drawn Card

41. Thumb-Print String of Lights Card

42. Gold-Edged Envelopes

Follow this tutorial to make these tastefully edged envelopes.

43. DIY Christmas Stamps

Requires some tools, but you could ostensibly keep these around forever. Get the tutorial here.

44. The Super-Sparkly Christmas Card

45. Easy Felt Holiday Cards

46. The Reindeer Card

47. The Paint-Chip Christmas Card

Cut shapes out of paint chips and glue onto card stock.

48. The Colorful Nail Polish Card

Here’s the video tutorial.

49. The Goofy/Artsy/Heartwarming Family Photo Card

The Paper Mama has a few good photo ideas.

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