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    36 Crazy Fashion Pieces You Can Actually Buy

    Nevermind all the crazy runway looks you'll never even see in person β€” this is the stuff you can realistically own. These pieces range from the reasonably outrageous to the certifiably inane.

    The Good

    This is the kooky stuff that is actually kind of awesome.

    1. Hamburger Backpack

    Anything hamburger-print or pizza-print is universally acceptable. $81.74 from Asos.

    2. Kitten Print BodyCon Dress

    Who doesn't want a huge adorable kitten on their torso? Out of stock now from Black Milk. Keep checking back.

    3. Batman BodyCon Dress

    There's something endearingly wacky about a dress that looks like it's made out of a little boy's pajamas. $102.18 from ASOS.

    4. Banana Print Dress

    I might be willing to buy anything in this print. Does this come in a unitard? $99 from ModCloth.

    5. Vampire Bugs Bunny Dress with Floppy Ears

    It's creepy-cute. $43 from Coii.

    6. Rainbow Studded Bra

    You could wear this around your bedroom and pretend you're in a Katy Perry video. $95 from Etsy.

    7. Quilted Cat Dress

    Am I the only one who thinks this would make an amazing avant-garde wedding dress? $575 from ShopFatal.

    8. "Freaks and Geeks" Character Bracelet

    $12 from Etsy. I hope one of you gets the last one.

    9. Leather and Chain Harness Dress

    I think you're supposed to wear this over a slip or something, which actually looks really elegant. $3199 from Bliss Lau.

    10. Underwater Sea Creature Leggings

    I imagine these leggings would have a calming effect. $26.99 from Romwe.

    11. Bat Dress

    It's all black and it has a hood, so it's actually kind of practical, right? $84 from Etsy.

    The Bad

    Love being mocked as you walk down the street? These are the items for you!

    12. '80s Style Denim Dress

    Spend $990 to look like a tacky Texas mom. From Just Cavalli.

    13. China Flower Pedestal Shoe

    Others might not even notice the shoes, but they'll definitely notice when you fall down in them. $345 from ShopFatal.

    14. Long-Sleeve Nude Rhinestone Dress

    You can pretend you're Johnny Weir. Unfortunately, this dress is backordered until September. $800 from Patricia Field.

    15. Studded Bra

    Pretty sure Rihanna owns this. $22 from KarmaLoop.

    16. Side Slit Leather Bow Shorts

    For the girl who hates wearing underwear (and wants the world to know it). $159 from Pixie Market.

    17. Balloon Pants

    The most unflattering pants in the world can now be yours! $193.20 by United Bamboo.

    18. Rick Owens Ninja Skull Cap

    You'll have to pay $367.66 to be this stylishly stealthy.

    19. Spiked Platform Shoes

    The only redeeming quality about these shoes is that you could take one off and use it as a weapon at a moment's notice. $190 from Karmaloop.

    20. Flag-Print Garter Leggings

    The most patriotic stripper pants you've ever seen. $125.00 AUD from Black Milk.

    21. Olympics-Inspired Stripe Dress

    Not sure how Olympics-obsessed you'd have to be to wear this nude mesh dress. $806 by Norma Kamali for Opening Ceremony.

    22. Hello Kitty Drop Crotch Pants

    $50 from Etsy.

    23. Taxidermy Mouse Brooch

    This is a REAL mouse. $78 from Etsy.

    24. "Crazy Lacy" Heels

    The colors make my eyes hurt and the prospect of lacing these up makes my brain hurt. $315 from United Nude.

    25. Coca-Cola Clutch Purse

    Be free advertising for one of the hugest corporations in the world! $34 from Patricia Field.

    26. Pentagram Harness

    Got an upcoming satan worshipping session? Get it for $290 from Zana Bayne.

    27. Reverse-Studded Knee Patch Leggings

    You don't want to look like you raided Taylor Momsen's closet. $71.53 from ASOS.

    The Debatable

    28. Map Print Wedges

    It's not a bad print, but this wedge shape just feels kind of dated. $152.99 from ModCloth.

    29. An Ice Cream Sandwich Print Dress

    Flirtatiously adorable or utterly twee-tarded? $72 from Etsy.

    30. Steampunk Skirt

    The verdict hinges on whether you can unhook the clasps to make a maxi skirt. $150 from UsTrendy.

    31. "Le Tigre" Dress

    There's something not right about a grown woman wearing an elementary school play costume, but it's cute nontheless. $195 from ShopFatal.

    32. Gorilla Mouth Print Dress

    This dress would be literally fierce with a tough-looking pair of boots, but the winning smile and straw fedora is throwing me off. $39.89 from Romwe.

    33. Platform Sandals with Retractable Wheels

    Maybe these are actually really practical?? $165 from NastyGal.

    34. Moss Covered Ankle Boots

    Maybe you're going for that "Vixen of the Forest" look. From Anastasia Radevich, $695 Canadian.

    35. Bear Sneakers/Oxfords

    If you've ever wished they made toddler shoes for grown-ups, here's your chance. Β£35.00 from Lazy Oaf.

    36. Fuzzy Teddy Bear Skirt

    Questionable for ages 8+. $247.99 from ModCloth.