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30 Impossibly Cozy Places You Could Die Happy In

The napping possibilities are endless.

1. The couch you just want to crawl into at the end of a long terrible day.

2. The inflatable lawn tent you just want to sit and read in on a rainy or especially beautiful day.

3. The cuddly couch for two that's perfect for two-person sleepovers.

If you know what I mean.

4. The tufted movie pit couch that could take up your entire living room, as far as you're concerned.

5. The tufted movie pit sofa's slightly cheaper cousin.

Available here.

6. The couch that is deeper than the Norton Anthology of Poetry.

(It's an Ektorp with ottomans!)

7. The couch that is so deep that you could pile 100 pillows on it and still have space to flop down and read a magazine.

8. The giant cat that is nice enough to let you sit on him.

9. The awesome recliner couch that's kind of like an ugly puff of gray air.

Comfort > cuteness.

10. The $1,200 sheepskin beanbag that is obviously worth every single penny.

11. The chair that is like sitting inside a marshmallow.

Available here.

12. The chair that is like being hugged by a big hairy lovable monster.

Also from PBTeen.

13. The bird's nest bed, where naps will hatch all day long.

You can inquire here for price info.

14. The garden sofa, which will gently sway you to sleep.

15. The cradle chair for fetal position sleepers.

16. The hanging swing that's basically a vacation in a chair.

17. The giant beanbag that you'd much rather spend time on than your actual couch.

18. The orb cocoon that you'd like to hibernate in with a season-long supply of piña coladas.

19. The hanging swing trampoline everyone can just pile into.

20. Made even more perfect in teepee form.

21. The pretty rainbow chair that shields you from all that is negative in the world.

22. The totally knitted chair that is complete with magazine pockets and built-in blanky.

23. The malleable sofa that's everything you want it to be.

24. The "cosmos bed" that is basically like camping every night under the stars.

Natalia Rumyantseva
Natalia Rumyantseva

25. The cavernous bed you never want to crawl back out of.

26. The "69" rocking chair.

Markus Krauss /

27. The giant hammock that comes with a canopy.

28. The chair that is also an enclosable fort where no one will ever find you.

29. The bed with a TV that magically emerges.

30. The throne from which you will one day rule your kingdom/living room:

The remote control is your scepter.

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