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31 T-Shirt DIYs That Are Perfect For Summer

The weird tan lines will totally be worth it.

1. Side Crocheted Tank

2. Tie-Back Tank Top

3. Strap-Back Tank

4. Grommet Shoulder Top

5. Gucci-Inspired Neck Cutout Top

6. Slashed-Back Top

7. Bow Back Tee

8. Cutout Tree Tank

9. Cut-Out Back Tee

10. Ruffled-Top Tee

11. Tie-Back Beach Cover-Up

12. Tee Turned Strapless Dress

13. Side-Tie Tee

14. Cut-Out Cross Tee

15. Heart Cutout Tank

16. Butterfly Twist-Back Tee

17. Slashed Tee

Get the directions here.

18. Tie-Front Tank

19. Take it one step further and cut the shoulders off.

20. Halter Tank

21. Neck Cut-Out Top

22. Triangle Cut-Out Tee

23. Racer Back Tank

24. Lattice Shoulder Cutout Tee

25. Crocheted Back Tee

26. Ombre Tank

27. Triple-Braid Tank

28. The Braided Back Tank

29. The Rib Cage/Spine Tee

30. Woven-Back Tee

31. Lace-Up Side Tank

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