29 Morning Shortcuts That Will Save You Time

    Being chronically late is not the mark of a Highly Effective Person. Get to work on time by multi-tasking and streamlining your getting-ready routine.

    1. Instead of ironing, try a wrinkle releaser.

    2. For more intense wrinkles, compact steamers work faster than traditional ironing.

    3. Keep double-sided tape and safety pins handy in your bathroom.

    4. Check the weather forecast at the beginning of the week.

    5. If you have the space, keep a separate clothing rack in your bedroom.

    6. You can also label hangers with days of the week to organize your pre-planned outfits.

    7. If you're not the organized type, keep the outfit you plan to wear next to your bed and get dressed under the sheets.

    8. Make your own oatmeal packets.

    9. If you're making breakfast for the family, make it overnight in the slow cooker.

    10. Put together a peppy morning playlist and use it as a timer.

    11. Drink a large glass of water the second you wake up.

    12. Go to sleep in your workout clothes.

    13. Dry and style your hair at the same time.

    14. Brush your teeth in the shower.

    15. Prepare your coffeemaker the night before. Schedule it to start brewing ten minutes before your alarm goes off.

    16. Place your keys on top of anything you don't want to forget.

    17. Grilled cheese in a toaster makes for a speedy breakfast.

    18. Make a butter pen for toast.

    19. Make a batch of breakfast burritos in advance.

    20. The night before, put all your smoothie ingredients into the blender and store in the fridge.

    21. Make school lunches before the week starts.

    22. Eat leftovers for breakfast.

    23. Simplify your makeup and use products that multi-task.

    24. Make an eyeliner template with a post-it note.

    25. Use cleansing wipes to wash your face.

    26. Use sprays instead of lotions.

    27. Consider a bath instead of a shower.

    28. Listen to your tweets, don't read them.

    29. Calculate your appropriate bedtime.