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    28 Helpful Cleaning Tips For Incredibly Lazy People

    Anyone who claims they love to clean is probably lying. We could all use a few shortcuts when it comes to maintaining a tidy household.

    1. Spray a no-wipe cleaner on your shower walls every time you bathe.

    You don't even have to touch those grimy tiles!!! This blogger swears by this stuff.

    2. Or, keep a handled sponge filled with half Dawn dishwashing liquid and half white vinegar and do a little scrubbing while you're waiting for the conditioner to set in your hair.

    3. Use body wash or liquid shower gel, not soap. You'll get much less soap scum buildup in your tub.

    4. Pee sitting down.

    While you may consider this emasculating, your toilet will be MUCH cleaner.

    5. Make a conscious effort to put something away every time you get up to go to a different part of your home.

    On your way to the kitchen to reheat some leftover pizza? Grab that pair of scissors that actually belongs in the junk drawer that you never bothered to put back.

    6. Buy anti-microbial doormats.

    Or better yet, enforce a no-shoes policy. Tell your guests you have an Asian grandmother.

    7. If you have carpet, keep Stomp 'N Go pads for emergency stain removal.

    They supposedly get out wine spills, coffee, pet messes, food, blood, and more. No scrubbing required.

    8. Multitask during idle time.

    While you're cooking, do some dishes. Wipe down the sink every time you wash your hands. While you're waiting for the hot water before a shower, tidy up the bathroom.

    9. Avoid dusting by walking around your house in "Swiffer Socks."

    AKA those weird chenille socks that you always seem to get like three pairs of every Christmas. You just dusted a narrow pathway in your apartment just by schlepping to the kitchen to make nachos.

    10. Use Press 'N Seal wrap to line the surfaces in your fridge.

    Cleaning the fridge is one of those things you just never get around to doing. Just replace the liners and your fridge will feel good as new again.

    11. Cleaning your microwave is (almost) as simple as turning it on.

    Pour 2 cups of water and 1/2 a cup of white vinegar into a microwave-safe bowl. Pop it in for about 3 minutes on full power. Let it sit for a few minutes. Remove the bowl carefully and wipe clean.

    12. While you're cooking, keep a plastic grocery bag on the counter.

    You can quickly throw away any peels or packaging, saving you a few trips to the trash can.

    13. Line your George Foreman grill with foil before cooking anything in it.

    Those things are the hugest pains to clean.

    14. Eat food out of a tortilla to avoid having to wash your bowls.

    Works fairly well as long as you're not an aggressive fork-stabber.

    15. Eat Chinese take-out without dirtying up a dish.

    Remove the metal handle and unfold the box into a plate you can eat out of.

    16. Use foil and cupcake liners to keep a muffin pan clean.

    17. Keep coal in your fridge.

    Did something die in there? Knowing you, yes. Keep it smelling fresh with charcoal, which absorbs odors.

    18. Invest in a colander pot.

    Who doesn't hate cleaning those little bits out of the mesh strainer?? This is available for $39.95 from Bialetti.

    19. Use a removable oven liner.

    Are you at that point where the smoke alarm goes off anytime you cook anything? It's probably because you have a bunch of nasty burnt gunk in your oven. An oven liner will make your oven much easier to clean.

    20. Clean a blender the easy way.

    Just fill it up halfway with lukewarm soapy water, put the cap on, let the blender rip for a few seconds.

    21. Cook the syrup INTO your pancakes.

    No more washing sticky syrup mess from your plates.

    Make pancake batter as usual. Pour onto pan. Before flipping, add a small spiral of syrup. Flip, let finish cooking, and serve!

    22. Put your dishwasher to good use.

    You can wash and sanitize things like toys, baseball caps, galoshes, knee pads, potatoes, etc. But there are also things you can't put in there, so read this handy guide to find out more.

    23. You can even put your disgusting, Cheeto-dust-crusted keyboard in the dishwasher.

    View this video on YouTube

    24. Use dryer sheets to clean your blinds.

    Blinds are such a pain to clean. Thankfully, the chemicals in dryer sheets help to repel dust.

    25. Get a self-cleaning litter box.

    26. Vow to put away five things or do one task during each commercial break while watching TV.

    Clear the dishes, or straighten up the magazines.

    27. Divide your home into zones and each night, clean a zone for 5 minutes.

    Set a timer — it'll be over before you know it.

    28. Before you know you need to clean the house, watch an episode of Hoarders.


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