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    28 Crafty Ways To Stay Busy And Cozy When It's Snowing

    Now's your chance to catch up on all those projects you've been meaning to finish.

    1. Recycle old sweaters by making easy mittens.

    2. Build a cuddling teepee.

    3. Make these adorable hand warmers.

    4. Felt cute little owls with the kids.

    5. Knit a GIGANTO-blanket.

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    6. Replace your curtain rods with spray-painted branches.

    7. Potato stamp an old blanket.

    8. Sew giant pom-poms to a sweater.

    9. Give your nails a fuzzy sweater manicure.

    10. DIY this awesome 3.1 Phillip Lim sweater.

    11. Have an indoor snowball fight.

    12. Cover all of your chairs in SHAG.

    13. Store your knitting and/or office supplies in this wall-hanging pocket organizer.

    14. Make a constellation scarf.

    15. Organize your hangers by threading pom-poms on them.

    16. Make book jackets and notebook covers out of your old sweaters.

    17. Cut your rugs into cloud shapes.

    18. Make a tiny reading fort.

    19. Craft these colorful yarn deer.

    20. Hand-knit some valentines.

    21. Crochet a pouf.

    22. Stitch up a fox-themed drink cozy.

    23. Make tiny acorn candles.

    24. Polka dot a sweater with a felting needle.

    25. Make a constellation iPad case.

    26. Make some slipper socks to schlep around the house in.

    27. Put mitten toppers in your food.

    28. Knit a mug hug sweater.

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