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26 Resolutions To Keep You Organized In 2015

It's a new year, and you're an adult. Your life may be a mess, but your closet will at least be neat and tidy.

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5. Finally get around to compartmentalizing your underwear drawer.

IKEA sells little organizer boxes. Filing your clothes and keeping them divided is especially helpful if you keep your underwear, socks, and tights all in the same drawer.


6. De-clutter your car.

If you just took a holiday road trip, it's probably a mess. Keep your cleaning products, emergency items, and entertainment things in a shoe organizer behind the back seat.

13. Make sure your junk drawer contains only important, meaningful items.

Time to throw out anything you don't want. Use utensil trays to organize pens and pencils; use ice cube trays if you have a lot of small items.

14. Throw out the years of magazines that have piled up.

File the ones you want to keep. End subscriptions of any magazines you don't read anymore, and for that matter, any pesky catalogs that keep coming.

15. Stop digging around in your purse the next time you need to find something.

This particular purse organizer is $10 from eBay. As a bonus, switching purses from now on will be a breeze!


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