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    26 DIY Plant Markers For Your Springtime Garden

    It's almost that time of year! Show your green side by using recycled materials as plant markers.

    1. Lawn Gnome Markers Made from Twigs

    2. Stamped Clay Markers

    3. Tiny Pot on a Stick

    4. Twig Plant Marker

    5. Recycled Can Lids on a Fork

    6. Chalkboard Vinyl on Wooden Sticks

    7. Simple Clothespins

    8. Wine Corks on a Stick

    9. Sharpie and Clay

    10. Tea Bag Tags

    11. Vintage Fabric Flags

    12. Washi Tape Flags

    13. Empty Seed Packets Encased in Mason Jars

    14. Upside Down Wine Bottles

    15. Paint Pen on Rocks

    16. Paper Mod-Podged onto Spoons

    17. Plastic Dinosaurs

    18. Chalkboard Signs

    19. Wooden Spoons and Chalkboard Paint

    20. Stamped Aluminum Tape

    21. Imprinted Polymer Clay

    22. Permanent Marker on Bricks

    23. Stamped Spoons

    24. Etched Aluminum Cans

    25. Cut-Out Clay Markers

    26. Ink-Stamped