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    Posted on Oct 9, 2013

    24 Matching Jewelry Pieces For You And The One You Love

    Nothing says BFFF like matching pizza necklaces.

    1. The Hidden Message Necklace, $275

    Only YOU know what those weird abstract tubes really stand for.

    Get it from Beth Macri.

    2. Mother/Daughter Necklace Set, $85

    Available from Etsy.

    3. Skull and Brain Necklace Set, $137

    Get it from Shopbop.

    4. Giraffe BFF Necklaces, $40

    Get these, as well as other animal BFF necklaces, from Etsy.

    5. Partners in Crime Necklaces, $25

    From Etsy.

    Get it in bracelet form for $10 from Urban Outfitters.

    6. Rock, Paper, Scissors Necklaces, $30

    7. DNA and RNA Base Pair Necklaces, $90

    For you and your lab partner/bestie.

    From Etsy.

    8. Puzzle Piece Necklaces

    9. Two-Part Puzzle Necklaces

    Get them from LoveChic.

    10. Breaking Bad Friendship Necklaces, $21

    For those with especially complicated but loving relationships, notwithstanding drugs and murder.

    From Etsy.

    11. Pizza Necklaces, $8 apiece

    12. Two Rings that Fit Perfectly Together, $364

    Fom Dawanda.

    13. LEGO Heart Necklaces, $10

    Get the set from Etsy.

    14. Latitude/Longitude Rings, $88

    Pick the coordinates of someplace meaningful, like where you shared your first Big Gulp.

    Get 'em from Monkeys Always Look.

    15. Matching Dog Tag with Ring, $55

    16. Customized Tree Bark Rings, $105

    Get 'em here.

    17. Best Bitches Necklaces, $16

    18. String of Fate Necklaces, $38

    Pinkie promise forevs.

    From Etsy.

    19. Tiny Heart Couple Rings, $100

    Get the set from Etsy.

    20. Matching Snowflake Necklaces, $78

    21. Heart Cutout Ring, $49

    Stack 'em or share 'em. From Piccinisilver.

    22. Long Distance Necklace, $16

    Get it from

    23. The Heartbeat Couple's Ring, $158

    Get them both from Etsy.

    24. Two Rings that Fit Together Perfectly, $2300

    Featuring precious metals and black diamonds, this one makes an unconventional wedding ring set. From Bliss Lau.

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